Sweatshirt Sniffles

As a testament to my fondness for you, dear Internet readers, I will regale you with this gem from the deepest vaults of my cranial sanctum. I am wearing a sweatshirt because there aren’t any interviews scheduled for today so I can schlep it up. I like to cover my hand with my sleeve when I open doors because I can’t predict who did or didn’t wash their hands before touching the handle and sweatshirts make that compulsion an easy reality for me. Today as I returned to my office after taking a quick break I thought about how my sleeve was potentially saving me from germs that could make me sick. Then I imagined what a sweatshirt would look like if it had the sniffles. And then I imagined a sweatshirt sneezing and lo and behold, fuzz came flying right out the hood. I cracked myself up and promptly decided to blog about it. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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