Sweet Cracker Sandwiches

Some things going on in my head today:

  • Pregnancy tests. They have these ones at the store that scream with bright letters “Test Five Days Early!” but all the research I’ve done has led me to believe that they are unlikely to report accurately that early and it’s an expensive way to indulge your impatience. Still, though, that marketing is so effective. I can imagine that if a person were trying to get pregnant, the possibility would taunt them mercilessly.
  • Hip Seattle coffee guys. I met a friend at a charming little coffee place last night and the guy who helped me was so hip I wanted to smack him. He was wearing the standard Seattle hippy garb of hemp hat over dirty long hair, an ancient and unintelligible t-shirt, and ripped jeans, and he called me “Dude” so often I was inclined to douse him with boiling espresso until he acknowledged that 1) I’m TOTALLY a chick and 2) Calling someone dude forty times per minute does not a hip guy make. So take a shower, eat some meat, and shop somewhere other than Goodwill.
  • I’m trying to win my company a $25,000 grant and I just submitted our materials today. I’d really like to win (visit here if you want to see the fruits of my labor {and maybe vote for us?}) but am not sure what will happen. Essentially, I’m thinking about how cool it would be to win but trying not to get my hopes up.
  • The award show season may be the most distracting time of year for me at work because pretty dresses and shoes are very alluring, moreso than my work sometimes.
  • Oh my sweet cracker sandwiches it’s getting late and I have a casserole to make!

What’s going on in your head today?

4 thoughts on “Sweet Cracker Sandwiches

  1. -Mrs. Higrens, Are you serious? I can’t imagine a guy not eating casseroles. Does he just not enjoy all his food smushed together? Wes inhales them (especially if they’re topped with cheese). What a bummer for you, though, because all those leftovers are very very convenient!

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