Tackled By My To Do’s

List of things I’m supposed to do tonight:

  • Clean the bathroom
  • Dust every tabletop, knick-knack, and picture frame in the house
  • Liberally apply Windex to every glass surface that Doc either likes to lick or shake water on after baths
  • Vacuum the carpets
  • Sweep the hardwood floor
  • Make a grocery list for tomorrow
  • Cook nutritious, delicious meal

List of things I feel like doing tonight:

  • Eat Chinese takeout
  • Watch mindless TV

It appears we have a bit of a disparity.

I’m attending the bridal shower of a very good friend tomorrow afternoon, which means that all my Saturday chores have become Friday night chores.  This is normally fine, except for the small hiccup that I’m exhausted after a very busy week at work and have less than no desire to spic the span out of the house.

Lucky for me, Wes is going to help me clean the house (he’s such an awesome husband) and he’s graciously allowed me to fudge the budget a bit and order Chinese food.  Unlucky for you (perhaps), this means that I only have time enough to blog only this very small amount.  It will have to do until next week, wherein I pick myself up off the floor and start this whole crazy cycle over again.

Bon voyage, a bientot, y adios, friends, may your weekends be long and your to do lists short.

4 thoughts on “Tackled By My To Do’s

  1. -Perception, No kidding, this weekend was about two weeks too short. Alas. I did tackle my to-dos, thanks goodness!

  2. I was very grateful for a snow day yesterday for giving me the chance to catch up on some of the household tasks that have been back-logged thanks to the ski season. Like you, I’m find it hard to channel energy for cleaning in addition to cooking dinner after a long day at work.

    My goal this week is to clean one or two rooms per night, I think I can manage that effort, and live with the result until March 28th (our first free weekend since the beginning of January!).

  3. -Mrs. Higrens, I’m with you on the chronic busy weekends. It’s nice to have stuff going on outside of work but it’s so exhausting! I think cleaning a few rooms per week is a fine goal, and that your first free weekend is full of nothing but nice things!

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