Bainbridge Victory!

Let’s take a break from me complaining about my knee, hmm?

I had the pleasure of doing a book signing yesterday and it was so much fun it’s a wonder to me that more people don’t make up excuses to sign their names on stuff. A friend of mine is in good with the co-owner of the Eagle Harbor Book Company, a fantastic little book store on Bainbridge Island here in Washington.

Accessible by ferry, (side note: The nice thing about taking the ferry in WA is you never know what you’ll see next. I saw five teenagers on their way back from HempFest cradling bongs in a startling variety of colors and shapes) the island is a quaint little destination with fantastic little restaurants and shops tucked neatly away on either side of the main street. The book store was exactly the way a book store should be: Clean, well lit, organized, and colorful.

Smiling author 8-18-13

In addition to my friends and family who attended, there were three people at the signing who I’d never met before. Three strangers! For a nobody author, that’s a pretty big deal.

Reading 8-18-13

I even did my first reading! How I’ve managed to do six book signings with never a single reading is beyond me. Considering I had no voice a few days ago, I think it’s a wonder I was even able to speak at all!

It was a great day. I feel really lucky that I have so many friends and family who are willing to come to my events. I wonder how many would come to a book signing in Hawaii…

My next scheduled appearance is at a teen writers group in January, I’ll be speaking about creating realistic fiction. I’m so excited!

Crickets Don’t Bother Me

So, I’m not gonna lie: The Meet the Author event wasn’t exactly a runaway success. It wasn’t even a little success. It was a crickets-chirping-in-an-empty-room dud.

Surprisingly, I was okay with it. I mean, you know, it would have been great if people had shown up, but I figured no one would. I mean, no one knows who I am. My book just came out a few months ago and few people have read it. It is entirely realistic that no one will come to meet me yet.

There was one person who came to the event, though; a good friend of mine I took out for drinks afterward. She does wildlife photography and is well familiar with the travails of the obscure artist.

Anyway, we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed some wine and it ended up being a lovely evening. Just goes to show you that a good friend can turn almost anything into something positive.

Desperately Seeking Venue

As I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about, my new book (Blood Money) is coming out February 4.

(Obligatory freaking out that my book is coming out in just a week and a half. AAAAAAAAAH!)

It will initially be released as an ebook, because that’s just the way the world is shifting. If I sell a ton of ebooks, my publisher will do a print run, but it’s likely ebooks will be the bigger sellers.

All along, I’ve been okay with this on the outside while secretly pouting about it on my secret insides. I mean, yes, ebooks are spiffy and all, but how am I supposed to sign an ebook? If I can’t sign stuff, how can I throw a big ol’ party to celebrate my official status as a published author?


Enter my publisher. She’s found a neat way to do book signings with ebooks, something all technologically advanced and serial numbers and blah blah blah.

Basically all I heard when she told me about it was: BOOK PARTY!!!

So, now I can sign my little face off and sell my ebook at physical venues and all I need now is a place to have my book party. Preferably somewhere with good food. I have my eye on a few places and I’ve started reaching out to a few proprietors. We’ll see what they say.

I’m just so excited. I love parties, and I love signing things This could be really cool.