My Crystal Ball is Broken

SeattleWes and I, like I imagine many couples do, often dream about living abroad. My favorite place to imagine living in is Paris. I can picture the quaint little bakeries I’d visit to buy baguettes every day, chasing my kids down broad, tree-lined avenues on our way to the green grocer to buy our produce. Even though my son detests the sound of the French language (and has ever since he was a baby. Weird, huh?) I think he’d pick it up in no time.

Wes, on the other hand, has professed interest in living in a bunch of different places. Uruguay, New Zealand, Ukraine (before the riots).

The thing is, though, that we’ve never lived anywhere other than our current city as a couple. He moved here when he was six, and I’ve been living here-ish for over half my life at this point. It’s a great city. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s everything you could ever ask for in a safe family-friendly suburb.

And yet, I can’t shake the feeling that a change is on the horizon. Our lease is up in July, which means we’ll be free to move…somewhere. Wes’s job is up in the air, as is our son’s schooling for next year, and now our lease is up. Every time I pray about it, I get a feeling that I should wait. So I do.

I wait to find out what, if anything, will happen with Wes’s company. I wait to figure out where to send my son for school next year. I wait to see whether our landlord will sell our house.

The more I think about moving, the more excited I feel about the prospect. Not overseas, though. Not yet. Maybe just to a different city. Maybe even to Seattle if Wes ends up working there. Living in Seattle would be a huge difference for us, and perhaps a suitable trial run for an eventual move to a fabulous European city (if and when we happen upon buckets and buckets of disposable income).

Who knows? Certainly not me. I feel like I have no idea what’s going to happen. If ever I had a reasonable grasp of what the future would look like, it’s gone now. It’s been replaced by some hybrid mixture of dreams and apprehension. As you can imagine, it’s an invigorating, if somewhat unstable, mixture of emotions.

At the very least, if we move to Seattle you can count on at least a few posts wherein the perpetual suburbanite overreacts to normal big city things. Should be a hoot?


Whoa.  Hello there, Thursday!

What did you think of my disappearing act there?  One minute it’s all complaining about the gym, the next it’s Bermuda Triangled blog all up in here.  If your imagination were allowed to run rampant, you could almost imagine a treadmill swallowed me whole or something!

Alas, no freak gym equipment accidents here.  Just moving.  Hauling up stakes and plopping them down elsewhere.  Back-breaking, exhausting, disorienting moving.

It was a big move, too.  We moved all of four miles away.  I’m pretty sure the weather is different on this side of the same city, and for sure the people are friendlier!

We got the keys to the new place on Saturday.  It’s a fantastic place, by the way.  Roughly twice the size of our old house, with an actual master bathroom (our old house had no master suite, just a slightly larger room than the other, by which I mean it was just barely big enough to put a king size bed in so long as you didn’t mind not being able to walk around).

Our new bathroom is almost comically large, though.  The bathroom in this place is almost the size of our former bedroom.  If we ever needed extra income, we could rent out the bathroom to a family of three.

Anyway, tangents aside all our stuff is over here.  We were originally intending to move this coming Saturday, but I kind of got started packing and couldn’t stop, so we moved on Tuesday instead.

And now you know why I haven’t blogged in a week.  I haven’t even typed much in a week.  Heck, I barely remember where the keys are!  Nah, that’s an exaggeration but only barely.  I turned on my computer and glanced at MSN and I was instantly overwhelmed by how much information there was.  I simply could not believe there was so much stuff going on out in the world that did not involve boxes!

In other words, please forgive the absence and also this resumptive, rambling post.  I’ll get better at this coherency thing.  I reckon I’ll get better at it right about the time my back forgives me for rearranging the living room furniture by myself because I was too impatient to wait for Wes to come home and help me.