Tales From the Dog Park

Owing to the beautiful weather this weekend, we took Doc to play with his cousin at the lake and, true to form, he kicked up some hijinks while we were there. For those of you new to dog tough-guy psychology, allow me to elucidate.

When a boy dog pees on a spot, he’s essentially staking a flag in it (a scent-flag, if you will) that says

Hey, yo. This is my spot. I don’t expect any tariffs on goods
produced here, nor to I expect you to pay a tax when you walk here. I
just want you to know: THIS IS MY SPOT.

To be truthful, I don’t know what peeing in a spot proves. Everything is always all about dominance with dogs, though, so more likely than not it only serves the purpose of allowing one dog to feel superior to the others.

While we were at the park, Doc and Koa (his cousin) were fetching, swimming, and playing when they were joined by another dog. This dog was a Big Fella. He was a yellow lab and he was big and he knew it. We could see that he was fixed but that didn’t stop him from spending the first half hour of his time at the park marking his territory. He peed on the BBQ post about a dozen times, and circled our picnic table with urine as well.

Doc, being the feisty little rapscalion he is, decided it would be fun to pee over the other dog’s freshly marked spots. He covertly started following the Big Fella and surreptitiously peeing where the other dog peed. Big Fella initially didn’t notice but when he did he was perturbed. Severely.

He immediately went up to Doc and assumed the I’m-about-to-hump-you-back-into-submission pose. Doc, being estranged of his desire to make puppies since he was five months old but still enough of a man dog to not want to be humped, kindly turned down the Big Fella’s offer and dodged his advances.

Big Fella was furious and attacked Doc. They went at it for two seconds before we separated them, but it was a fierce little skirmish. The Big Fella went and laid down in the sun, too cool to care anymore, and Doc went back to playing. He did spend the rest of his day seeking out and peeing over the other dog’s spots, though.

Subtlety, she is lost on my puppy.

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