Taunting Big-Footed Women

Did you know that pregnancy can make your feet grow?  And that that will, in return, reliably reduce you to tears while shoe shopping?

I’m a tall girl, but my feet have always been a manageable size 10.  Sure, my pants are consistently too short, but my feet were still a nice, normal size, and shoe shopping was one of the few kinds of shopping I enjoyed.

Until I had an adorable, squishy little baby (incidentally, who was called Squishy).

Now I have size 11 feet.  I have an adorable baby and feet that are too large to fit comfortably into any of my shoes.  After getting fed up with my toes rubbing against the inside of my ancient tennis shoes while I walked, I decided to find some new shoes.

I got my feet remeasured, and was aghast to learn my feet had grown to an unruly size.  Not to be deterred, I figured that surely I’d be able to find size 11 tennis shoes.  I mean, how hard could it be?  There are taller women than me running around all over the place, I doubted they all get their shoes custom made.

That was when I ate my humble pie with a side of ice cream.

You guys, no one makes shoes in size 11.  You get to size 10 and then you get nothing.  We looked everywhere, and my despair grew with each successive store where sales people made horrified faces and told me they had nothing for me in-store but could always order something (which, dude, how not helpful is that?  Like I’m just going to guess about how my feet will feel by trying on shoes that are too small?  Or, worse yet, just ordering without trying them on?).

Every time I walked by rows and rows of shoes that were off-limits to me and my giant freak feet, I cried.  I mean, I can deal with being tall, with the short pants and no leg room in cars or on planes, but to be deprived of shoes now too?

After watching me dissolve into tears for the fifth time, Wes decided I needed to go shoe shopping at Nordstrom.  Nordstrom, where they sell pretty shoes to pretty people and make you feel like spending twice as much is a good deal because of the famous excellent customer service.

On Saturday, I got all dolled up (putting on eye shadow and eye liner counts as getting dolled up) and we strolled into Nordstrom fully expecting to leave there with shoes and self esteem.  That the shoe salesman botched the sale boggles the mind.  Perhaps it’s because he:

  1. Told me he’d rather be watching the World Cup than helping me find shoes.
  2. Brought out only one freaking pair of shoes for me to try on, then told me he had nothing else in my size (which, seeing as he was so enthusiastic to be doing his job right then, was probably a great big lie).
  3. Tried to convince me that, even though I told him the shoes he brought out didn’t feel good on my feet, I should wear them around for a week because he was sure I’d grow to like them.
  4. After I assured him, in no uncertain terms, that I disliked the shoes, he brought out another pair.  When I slipped them on and told him they felt tight, he looked at me like I was stupid and said, “Yeah, they’re 10’s”.  I suppose when you taunt big-footed women with shoes they can’t have because of their giant feet, they’re unwilling to buy things from you.

With nap time for Aidan fast approaching, we ran over to Lady Foot Locker, where the saleslady (named Jazzy) brought out ten different boxes of shoes for me to try on.  She enumerated the features and strengths of each pair, and was patient as I tried them all on and walked around the store.

I finally settled on a pair of Nike shoes that feel like heaven on my feet.  So the shoe problem has been resolved.  I remain in shock over the abysmal customer service I received at Nordstrom, but I’m so happy with my new (very purple!) shoes that I’m willing to stop complaining about it.  Now that I’ve written about it on my blog, of course.

7 thoughts on “Taunting Big-Footed Women

  1. Oh No! Nordstrom is supposed to be the uber place for hard to find sizes…Not Cool. Not cool at all!

    (Me with my teeny little size 5’s are on the opposite end of the spectrum – but I sympathize since very few stores carry them either.)

    Can you link to your purple shoes or show a picture?

  2. As I was reading your post..I was just ITCHING to get to the end so I could tell you to try Nikes..and then you tried Nikes..haha
    I work for Nike and I can assure you that there are HUNDREDS of cute tennis/training shoes in your size.
    Next time, before you go, try Nike.com so that you can get the style and color number of the ones you like. Oh, and I’m not sure where you live, but try finding an actual “Nike Store”….gawd..I’m such a Nike Nerd (I have 75 pairs), but thanks for listening.

  3. -Blanche, Seriously! Wes was very angry that the Nordstrom guy was so awful to me. Now I know what you’re saying about impossible feet! I don’t think I could properly empathize before :) I’ll take a picture later and add it to the post :)

    -Linka72, Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I love my new shoes, they have a layer of compressed air in them and it feels SO NICE to walk in them!

  4. Oh man, shoe shopping sucks! Even 10s are not always easy to find. This is why I’ve often bought men’s tennis shoes. This reminds me of a story… I think I will blog it.

  5. -Kelly O., Yeah, 10’s are pushing it but I’ve never had too much trouble. Can’t wait to read your story!

  6. To be deprived of shoe shopping enjoyment! Horrid! I would also be calling that Nordy’s and complaining to their manager FOR SURE.

    What about online, like zappo’s or piperlime?

  7. -Jennifer, I probably should have complained, but I like to think that God’s judgment will be better than my wrath, so I usually just sit back and imagine things like meteors hitting their cars, stuff like that ;) I’m sure I could have found my size online, but my feet are so different I wouldn’t have had any way to determine if what I was ordering would feel good on my tootsies.

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