Teensy Little Post

I know I’m more than a decade late in coming to this conclusion, but Friends is a terrific show. I laugh out loud at every episode and it makes me happy to watch. I’m a huge fan, and it’s really too bad I can’t go back in time and announce this fact proudly to all the people who would’ve cared about it in the 90’s.

Oh well. I’m announcing it now, and I’m sure no one cares but I only had five minutes to write a blog post today and I only got five hours of sleep last night so here we are. With a teensy little post about an outdated topic.

But that’s just how I roll. Raising the bar in blog quality one post at a time.

4 thoughts on “Teensy Little Post

  1. Don’t worry, I care. Friends is a great show. They don’t make good shows anymore…

  2. Um, that is the best show! I remember my mother not wanting me to watch it because it was too provocative for my teenage mind. Watching it now, I sort of see her point, but at the same time, think she’s crazy. Funny! It is funny!

  3. -Genay, I remember watching a few episodes as a teen and missing why some of the jokes were funny. I’m not missing any now ;)

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