Textually Incredible!

Seeing as how I make my living typing away on computers and knowing my way around CMS, HTML, FTP, VPN, blah blah acronym blah, I can’t exactly claim to be a Luddite. Sure I don’t have cable TV and still don’t know how to download ringtones on my phone, but deep down I’m a nerd and I know it.

One of the things keeping me in the early 2000’s (I know, the dark era, right?) is my aversion to texting. Wes and I don’t have texting as part of our plan (I know it’s only $5/month, but I meant it when I said we were living on a shoestring budget) so I never picked up the habit.

For one, the mangled English gets on my nerves. For two, I know I would be way too inclined to send text messages during meetings, during church, while I’m sitting at stoplights, etc. My attention span is short enough that I could probably justify texting at pretty much all hours of the day, and I’m obsessive enough that I know I’d do it.

These reasons, combined with the lack of a texting allowance on our plan, has led to us to lead a pretty insular, text-free life.

Until now. Today, we received new phones from T-Mobile. I received a Blackberry Pearl, Wes received a Blackberry Curve. We have unlimited access to the Internet and the ability to send as many emails as we want from our phones.

Life is about to get a whole lot textier (Supposedly sending emails from your phone is not considered texting, but it’s a whole lot closer than I’ve ever been before. Also, apparently there’s this thing called Blackberry Messaging, which is like texts but faster. Our plan still doesn’t allow for texts, but I think we’ll find a way around that).

I just know texting and I are going to hit it off right away. Just watch, in two weeks I’ll be writing here about how I now have sprained thumbs and back trouble because of my newfound habitof furiously pushing twee little buttons with my thumbs.

Now, before you crucify us for saying we live on a budget but then getting new phones, know this: We’re getting them for free. We get a rebate that covers the cost of the phone and the sign-up fee. So there. Wes did some research and figured out that we could save a lot of money by switching carriers and using the Internet for our phone service.

Apparently, these new phones can connect to the Internet and make the calls through that. That means that we can make calls without using up minutes. Hooray! We could even go to Starbucks, leech their Wi-Fi, and chat our little faces off.

Except we would never do that. We both hate talking on the phone, so chances are good that we’ll be at Starbucks anyway. Using their Wi-Fi. To send emails to one another from three feet away. Ah, modern romance!

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  1. -Del, That’s encouraging! Now, if I could just figure out how to get to the place on the phone to write texts, I would would use proper English too!

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