Thank Goodness for Salons…

I love my hairstylist and I love the salon she works out of. Not only is she a magician with hair color, she works out of this stylish little salon and serves you wine while she makes you beautiful. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I had a truly traumatizing day yesterday and it was so therapeutic to sit and get beautified while drinking chilled white wine. Bonnie also has great perspectives on things and when I left I felt rejuvenated and pretty. I went home and as soon as I saw Wes’ reaction I thought to myself ‘I should get my hair done every day.’ If my hair and pocketbook could withstand it I probably would.

Anyway, my hair is a really rich, dark, burgundy now. It’s almost black but still has that rich mahogany feel. This hair color requires me to use a little heavier eyeliner (which I don’t mind) and then my eyes really pop. I love changing hair colors, I fear the day I will run out of new ones to try.

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