Thank YOU, Public Education System!

I know what you’re thinking: it must be a Red Letter Day to merit two posts and I can assure you that it most certainly is not. This second, tiniest little scrap of a post is less a post and more a cry for solidarity:

I was listening to a radio broadcast today and some gaspy-sounding chicklet (who honestly sounded a mere last-minute-dash-to-the-bathroom away from being late for homeroom) was attempting to read the traffic report. She was announcing heavy traffic on the freeway due to an obstruction when she stumbled on a word. She then told her co-host that she didn’t know how to pronounce that word and tried to say it phoenetically. She said Faykade, and I promptly wondered why a Faykade was in the middle of a freeway.

People, the word she was stumbling over was facade. Her co-host made fun of her, she tried to cover for herself by saying she was having an off day, and I died a little on the inside.

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