The Awesome Knight’s More Like It

Weekends are awesome when done well, aren’t they? This was a good one, full of tales to tell. We kicked things off by going out for drinks, a movie, and dinner with some friends from work. We saw The Dark Knight (aka the only movie everyone’s been talking about lately) and let me tell you, my feelings are mixed.

What? Huh?! This isn’t a rave review?!?! My stars, this girl should be burned at the stake!!

Not so fast, muchachos.

I liked the movie. I liked Batman Begins (still do, as a matter of fact) and I like this one as well. I was really feeling the mood they set for the movie, and I continue to be impressed by both Christian Bale’s acting (and looks, let’s not be deluded here) and Christopher Nolan’s directing (as for his looks, I honestly can’t say.)

The story was taken very seriously (unlike previous Batman movies,) and I love the skillful way the storytelling juxtaposed the inherent dichotomy of Batman’s nature. Even the title, The Dark Knight, is perfect, because Batman is not a superhero. He’s a vigilante, operating outside the law, who happens to have a moral code that we, the viewers, agree with for the most part.

I thought the action scenes were lovely, and I particularly appreciated the hat-tip to the famous Prisoner’s Dilemma experiment during the ferry boats scene. Oh, and can I just say that I need for my Kia to have a detachable motorcycle escape mechanism, like, yesterday? By George, was that one of the coolest things in the history of cool things!!

So, why were my feelings mixed? Because of Heath Ledger. Or rather, the overly effusive multitudes who insist on waxing rhapsodic about how mind-blowing his performance is.

OK, I’m the first to admit that when everyone says left I’ll say right because I’m contrarian by nature, but I think I have a genuine point here so hear me out.

In the car on Friday morning, I heard someone say that Ledger’s performance was the best ever committed to film. For months the relentless PR machine has been churning out warm sentiments about Heath and how his final performance is perfection personified. I have heard so much about Heath Ledger that at this point it’s really more of an annoyance than an incentive to see the movie.

When faced with the performance, I was pleased to see that he did a good job. He was the Joker, and he was scary. He played the role well. Many people have been saying that he became the role and that’s what made it an amazing performance.

Well, the same can be said of everyone else in the movie, because that’s what good actors do. They become their roles. As an ensemble, everyone played their roles perfectly and that contributed to it being a good movie. In my opinion, Ledger’s performance was good but it in no way merits the shocking amounts of hype the PR geniuses have managed to kick up.

I also admit that I’m a wee bit irritated that everyone has been painting such a rosy picture of Heath Ledger post-premature death because he essentially made a series of poor lifestyle decisions that ended up with him dying alone and leaving his daughter to grow up without her father. There’s nothing rosy about that.

It’s none of my business, but then, the entertainment industry has made it everyone’s business to know the details surrounding Ledger’s death and therefore given me the right to have an opinion about it.

Anyway, The Dark Knight. It’s a good movie.

The rest of the weekend involved me drinking way too much at dinner after the movie (I may have told a stranger walking on the street that her skirt was too short. In my defense, it was past 10PM, she was maybe 13 years old, and I could see her buns when she walked,) making awesome cookies, and rocking the yard work.

If you saw The Dark Knight, what did you think? If you didn’t see it, how do you feel about any of the other stuff I talked about in this post?

4 thoughts on “The Awesome Knight’s More Like It

  1. I haven’t seen it, but here are some talking points –

    1) While I respect Heath Ledger as an actor, I think it’s pretty hard to argue against the obvious, which is that quite unequivocally the best performance ever committed to celluloid EVER was Keanu Reeves as Special Agent Johnny Utah in Point Break.

    2) I’m disappointed in Christian Bale’s recent behavior. Roid rage?

    3) I want a car that has a detachable motorcycle as well.

    4) I feel bad for Aaron Eckhart. Christian Bale will still get some recognition because he’s the main character, but virtually every ounce of attention this movie is getting is focused on Heath Ledger. I haven’t even seen Eckhart in the trailers!

    5) im in ur blog, comentin ur comments!

  2. -Dane, what can I really say in response to point #1? You just pulled out Keanu Reeves. There is nowhere to go from there…

    I read that Bale denied a scurfuffle and the police haven’t pressed charges. If it’s true, I’ll be deeply disappointed as well. It’s hard to like someone as an actor if he is a scourge in real life (unless it’s Robert Downey Jr. I have a soft spot the size of Iron Man for him.)

    I bet you do. The temptation would always be there, though, to shed your cumbersome sedan in favor of the sleek machismo entombed beneath. For that reason I could never get one, because I’d only leave shelled-out Kia husks wherever I went. Run into traffic? Better ditch my car. Big speed bump? That car’s a liability, adios! My husband would not be pleased.

    Aaron Eckhart, in addition to everyone else in the movie, deserves more attention than they’re getting. Even Maggie Gyllenhaal did well, though she always seem unbearably smug to me, and she had very few scenes to work with. Ah, well, it’s difficult to escape once the weight of public regard has fallen on a specific target.

    In regards to point #5…are you a lolcat? If so, yes, you can haz cheeseburger, you just have to fly your East coast self over here to get it.

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