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The Godfather. Wes was right, it’s kind of a big deal. While I was watching it, it occured to me that my overwhelming sense of deja vu was the result of having unknowingly spent an entire lifetime watching homages and tributes to a movie I’d never seen.

All in all I liked it. I think the last scene, in particular the parting camera shot, is maybe the best thing ever committed to film, and I think that Al Pacino’s transition from young man seeking a life outside his family’s business to man with the capacity to lie to his wife point-blank about murdering his brother-in-law is brilliant. I do think it’s a good thing he got himself older, though, because he needed to grow into those great big basset-hound eyes a little.

The only thing that didn’t thrill me was the affected way Vito Corleone spoke. I know, I know, he was trying to be authentic and I’m probably a great classless dolt for thinking so, but his weird manner of speaking annoyed the life out of me. It sounded like he had a stroke and couldn’t move his bottom lip. It also made it difficult for me to understand what he was saying so that didn’t help matters either.

That was the only thing, though. I’m normally not much for lengthy movies, but when the credits rolled and I noticed that the movie had been on for nearly three hours it didn’t bother me.

We plan on watching Parts 2 & 3 in the coming weeks and I’m eagerly anticipating those as well. Word on the street is that Part 2 is even better than Part 1, and that Part 3 is a bit of a wildcard because some people hate it and some love it. I suppose I’ll just have to wait to see which ring I throw my hat into.

What about you, oh, readers o’mine? Did you like the Godfather Part Whatever? Which one was your favorite?

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  1. I was given the trilogy on DVD a long time ago. Was amazed at how good 1 and 2 were. Somehow I forgot to watch 3 and I just never got around to it. Maybe I’ll do it tonight. Or tomorrow. The Mario Puzo book is definitely worth a read. It’s basically the first two movies in novel form.

    One thing about Netflix is that I’ve been watching all the old classics that I never got around to seeing but didn’t want to see butchered on TV. And every time I get that same sense that you did; that I’ve seen the movie before when I’ve actually just seen the homages and parodies. Sometimes it’s distracting, because it’s hard to take it seriously when you’ve seen so many things mocking it. But overall, it’s an interesting feeling of pseudo deja vu.

  2. -Dane, you’ll definitely have to keep us posted on what you think about part 3. I think Wes in particular will be interested to know.

    I totally feel you on the distracting aspect of watching old movies. I remember thinking during the tomato patch scene, with Vito and his grandson, that I wish I’d never seen “Mafia!” as a kid because they parodied that scene and it made me laugh on the inside. I’m quite sure that the death of Vito was not supposed to be funny.

  3. I watched part 3 that night. Not a horrible movie, but simply not on the level of the first two. That is all.

  4. -Dane, thanks for taking that particular hit. If I recall correctly, Wes was underwhelmed as well.

  5. The Godfather is the cat’s pajamas. I’ve always been partial to part one, myself, but I still think part three has something to offer.

  6. -Hamburglar, Thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely try to keep an open mind while watching part 3!

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