The Erika Files

I am delighted, I tell you. De. Ligh. Ted. Per the recommendation of a very cool person (a.k.a. Matt of Things Worth Noting) I have introduced myself to Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files series and I am having an absolute blast. The kind of blast where you kick up your heels, flail your arms, and necessitate everyone having to duck down to avoid a beating via clumsiness.

The writer of this series, Jim Butcher, walks a very thin line between ponderous and whimsical and it thrills me down to my very toes. There are some lines in this book that I swear he wrote just for me. I could probably fill line after line of this post with my favorite excerpts but that would deprive you of the pleasure of reading the book on your own.

There’s just something about the way he juxtaposes the light and dark sides of mythical fiction that makes the book downright enjoyable to read. His narrative style is light, yet substantial, and frequently makes me laugh right out loud.

I’m only halfway through the first book but I have no doubt that Harry Dresden and I will continue to be good friends for quite awhile. In fact, I’ve got a two-week break coming up that I think will make this friendship more than plausible…

Speaking of my upcoming two-week break (during which, I’m sure, Wes will be oft tempted to run screaming from the house as I pester him yet again for something to do. I am not good at being inactive, but I am very good at pestering people. This makes for some unpleasant situations for Wes when I find myself with little with which to occupy myself) I’m actually starting to get really excited about having all that time for editing on my hands.

I’ve made it through about 28 pages (of 110) so far and every time I dive back in I’m flooded with new ideas, details, and scenes I can insert. I was afraid I’d be unable to add anything new to the story, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It would appear that I truly am never at a lack for words.

The trouble is, I’m having way too much fun dressing and re-dressing my main character. She’s like a fictional dress-up doll with a huge budget, and I keep changing her wedding day attire to suit whatever wedding trend I happen to fancy that day.

I had enough trouble planning one wedding, perhaps I was pushing it a bit by trying my hand at a second one. I have this to say for my character, however: she’s got her manicured finger firmly on the pulse of wedding industry fashion.

I fully intend to have my novel edited and ready for consumption by the end of this year (the deadline is necessary. Without this deadline, my novel will waste away at the bottom of my hard drive for the next million years until an invading alien civilization unearths it, reads it, and then wonders why no one ever bothered to edit it).

Maybe I’ll even start a new novel. Does anyone have any suggestions for my next story? Should I just run with the whole alien-invasion scenario? Can I incorporate birdcage veils in that story somehow? What kind of stuff would you like to read about?

4 thoughts on “The Erika Files

  1. -Matt, I just finished the first one last night and I deeply love it. Thanks so much for the terrific suggestion!!

  2. -Perception, I’ll make sure I return it this weekend so you can have it! I think you’re really gonna love it, it’s like a grown-up Harry Potter :)

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