The Exquisite Frustration

Argh. Just argh. I’m having the worst time trying to write about something. I started off writing about a dreadful song I just heard on the radio (“Dirt Room” by Blue October) but gave up on the dud of a post about halfway through. I then moved on to writing about how much I love my new writing class but can’t seem to get it to come out right.

I blame dinner. It’s sitting there in the kitchen, all unmade little bits of things waiting to be put together, and will avail us not a bit until I get down there to throw it all together over a flame. However, before I start throwing ingredients around it would be nice to have a blog post written.

What to do? I tried glaring at the carrots and chicken. When that didn’t work I tried sending them on a guilt trip. They just ignored me, so I ignored them back until realizing that my belly’s the one who’s losing that particular spitting contest. I’m afraid I’m going to have to bite the bullet and bend to their nasty, veggie wills.

I just have too much to do and it’s bugging the heck out of me. I have this writing class, which I love dearly but is responsible for giving me entirely too many mind-blowingly amazing new ideas and not nearly enough time to put them to use. I have my low-budget lifestyle of cooking huge dinners every night that will sustain Wes and I for dinner and lunch. I have a puppy outside at the moment who’s waiting to be let in for some dinner and playtime, and then there’s little old me who’d really like to do a lot of things but can do none of them but sit here and go all complain-y on her blog.

Really, though, I need an extra five hours of time and energy every single day. I could get a lot done. If I had five extra hours in the morning, I would be making so much progress on my book right now it wouldn’t even be funny.

But I don’t. My morning hours are occupied by sleep (you don’t want to know me at less than 8 hours of sleep every night) and my evening hours are occupied by my husband, puppy, blog, dinner, dishes, laundry, lionstigersandbears. Le sigh. How am I supposed to use all my nifty new ideas if I never have time to write???

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