The Eye of Erika

First of all:
Umm, yes, thank you. It’s deliciously nerdy and I love it so. For the uninitiated, this is a mii created to look like Jesus. A mii is a self-created representation of your gaming essense for the Wii. My mii looks just like me and is called Smokey. Don’t ask why because I honestly couldn’t tell you.

There’s really no way to make a graceful segue from mii’s to the Superbowl, except to say, “So, speaking of cherry tomatoes…”

I ended up consuming roughly my weight in cherry tomatoes while watching the Superbowl with friends yesterday. As I’m still a newb in the football world, I spent most of my time cheering at the wrong times and peppering moments of victory with questions like, “Why is that good?” but we all had a terrific time regardless.

From what I could tell, the Cardinals did a good job. They certainly made the last half of the game interesting! Don’t take it from me, though, because trusting my evaluation of a sports team’s performance is a lot like listening to a gangster review the Pope’s most recent Mass.

Either way, they only barely lost, which, from what I hear, is almost as good as winning for how much it upsets the gamblers placing bets in Vegas. I guess they were supposed to lose miserably? Something about a spread, but not the buttery kind? I dunno, but apparently the people in Vegas had a bad day yesterday.

This is, depressingly enough, the tenth year in a row that the team I cheered for lost the Superbowl. I think perhaps it’s time to start cheering for the bad guys now, if only so that the team I like won’t lose.

Seriously, it’s like my support for a football team is the dread eye of Sauron and guarantees certain defeat. Perhaps this is a heretofore untapped super power that I can harness to shape the next Superbowl. Anyone care to pay me off in exchange for my enthusiastic support of the team you’d like to see lose next year?

4 thoughts on “The Eye of Erika

  1. My husband has roughly the same power to cause his team to lose just by watching the game. Only because he got disgusted and turned off the tv after the Cardinals last touchdown were the Steelers able to get that last second touchdown and win. (Insert loving eye roll here.)

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, Because really, the success of any team is derived from the unique forces expended by everyone watching the game. The players are mere puppets!

  3. It’s like an emerging of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. We need to do some research here!

  4. -Wes, Yes, but by the very nature of doing research we will have changed its properties anyway! It’s like a Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle circlejerk! Let’s just ignore it and see if it goes away.

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