The Half-Eaten Pie Dilemma

I find myself struggling with something that frustrates me to no end. It stymies me, conflagrates me, and leaves me standing like a child in the rain saying “Why?”. Yes, that was a lot of drama just now but today just feels ripe for drama, wouldn’t you say? Baking is one of the things I enjoy most in the world. I like cooking, and I’ve only BBQ’d a handful of times, but above them all looms baking. I see a good recipe and I just want to make it. Cakes, cookies, strudels, pies, breads, you name it and I want to make it.

The reason this is such a problem is that I have no self-restraint. I can’t just bake things for the sheer joy of doing so. I bake things because I like to produce delicious yummies that I get to eat and give to my husband to eat. This in and of itself is fine, but then again, it’s also the problem. Let me clarify: eating delicious yummies is not bad but when there are only two of you to eat the delicious yummies the situation can quickly go from fun to fat if you know what I mean.

For instance: I made pumpkin pie this weekend (courtesy of Sara Lee who apparently no one doesn’t like. I like her pies but I do have to question the wisdom of including a double-negative in a slogan. Am I the only one who has spent time looking at the box in the frozen desserts aisle trying to decipher what the slogan means?) and even though Wes’ dad helped us we still ended up with 5 slices of pie. Now, I’m not one to let a good pie go to waste and so Wes and I have dutifully had pie for dessert (a la mode of course!) for three nights in a row. I don’t think we’ve gained weight from the pie yet but you never know.

Sure, we could just throw the rest of the pie away but I’ll never feel right about doing that because not only is it good food but it’s good food that we paid for and would be wasting (if you know nothing about me, know this: I abhor waste, especially of food and money {and natural resources, but that’s another discussion entirely}).

So, if we can’t throw the excess desserts away and we shouldn’t just eat all the leftovers what else is there to do? We can’t donate our half-eaten pies to charity and while I’m sure a homeless person would love some pumpkin pie I don’t really want to drive around with pie in my car until I find a homeless person and can convince that person to take the pie off my hands.

Wes’ solution is that I put the kibosh on baking at least until the holidays are over and I’m afraid he might be right (we discussed this last night. I was lobbying for the purchase of a springform pan so that I could make an awesome lemon mascarpone cheesecake recipe I found last week and Wes just looked really concerned and wondered if adding more desserts to our kitchen was really the best option. I then proceeded to ask him if he was calling me fat. He then said no. Welcome to almost every evening in the Mitchell household). That’s the real reason I feel that my love of baking is such a problem. It’s one of the things I love most to do but I’m pinioned and prohibited from indulging in said love because I don’t want my own set of love-handles. It’s a cruel world.

One thought on “The Half-Eaten Pie Dilemma

  1. Pie-wasting should be illegal in this country. Pie should always be eaten. If there is no pie there is no life. Happy pie day!!

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