The Last Big Push

Things have been hectic here lately. I seem incapable of stopping myself from scheduling a million things to do each week, which makes perfect sense when you think about how very pregnant I am and how very little energy I have for such grand endeavors.

Nevertheless, the pregnancy hormones will not be ignored. I am swept along on the tide of their demands, crossing items off my to-do lists with one hand while I stifle yawns with the other.

I think we’re nearing the end, though. The two last big looming items on my Big List Of Stuff That Needs to Get Done Before Little Girl Gets Here In July are:

  • Set up her nursery. All the decor has been ordered and is sitting in her room, it just needs to be set up and arranged. I’d like to wait just a litttttle bit longer to do this, because I want to give Aidan time to forget how much he loved his crib before I set it back up again.
  • Potty train Aidan. Oh yes, this is happening. I waffled about whether or not to do this before Little Girl gets here, but I figure he’s ready for the skill and this will be the last time for a long time I’ll have this much time to devote to giving him one-on-one attention.
The potty training is happening on Sunday. I’ve read this book┬áto prepare, taken notes, assembled supplies, and prepped Aidan. Now, all we need is the weekend. It’s so cool to think we’ll be done with diapers soon! At least, done with diapers for the next three months or so. It’s funny. I’m super busy, but with trivial, inconsequential stuff no one really cares about. I talk about my day with Wes and I bore myself, and yet I’m so busy I feel like I should be infinitely more interesting.Maybe when everything is done and I’m finally finished setting Little Girl’s nursery up and Aidan’s potty trained and I’ve finished scouring the house I’ll be interesting…Nah. I reckon by then the weather will be nice again so I’ll probably just be at the park with my son.

2 thoughts on “The Last Big Push

  1. I can’t wait to see Little Girl’s nursery!! It was such fun watching you prepare Aiden’s, I love your decor ideas.

  2. -Brooke, That’s sweet of you to say! With Aidan’s nursery, my theme was really easy: Super Mario Bros. For Little Girl’s, the theme is COLOR! I’m so excited to get it all set up I’m practically twitching :)

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