The Little ACL That Could

As I’m certain you’ve all been waiting out there, hands wringing in nervous anticipation for news of our strangely misfortunate dog, I shall take mercy on you and keep you in suspense no longer: Doc Holliday, puppy extraordinaire, is making some encouraging progress.

After our vet visit a couple weeks ago we were told to do two things: keep him as immobile as possible and give him anti-inflammatory meds twice a day for two weeks. We did really well in our kindergarten classes and, as such, are excellent at following instructions so we went home and commenced Operation Stir-Crazy Labrador.

A few things we’ve learned in the past two weeks: Doc goes absolutely bananas when he’s not allowed to run around. The only walks he’s getting are from the house to the backyard (on a leash) and from the family room to the kitchen and back. He’s going nuts.

He’s hyper, he’s getting destructive in his kennel outside (and now for his latest trick, Doc Holliday would like to demonstrate how a canine without opposable thumbs is capable of moving 20lb. pieces of concrete around like tennis balls when he gets bored enough!) and he’s getting really skinny because we’ve been feeding him less in an effort to keep weight off his leg.

In positive news, he’s barely limping now and he no longer stresses his good leg enough to where his knee cap slides off. The rest and meds appear to have gone a long way toward helping him build scar tissue around his damaged ACL, which hopefully means that we can continue to forgo surgery for yet forever longer.

I have to be honest, though, now that he’s starting to get better I’m getting more and more nervous. Every time he runs down the stairs I worry that he’s going to fall funny and then *snap!* all his recovery will go out the window. Oh well, as my mother used to say, you can fill one hand with your worries and another hand with sand and see which one fills up first.

As for Doc, he’s not worried. He’s never worried. He does think that I should try to score him some more of those anti-inflammatory meds though, because as far as he was concerned they were a pretty radical treat.
He also wants you to know that sticking feathers on your face does not make you a chicken.

5 thoughts on “The Little ACL That Could

  1. Right now reading this blog is like being in a deep sea submersible, looking out the porthole as a fleet of giant 200ft long squid cruise past our meek spotlights like the signs and wonders of the angry Cthuluan gods of old. When might one of these giant beast turn its big round eye in our direction and with the flash of tenticle we disappear into a pitch black maw.
    “It’s kind of exciting though!” Says a Happy Idiot.

    –I saw this comment on an entirely different blog, and thought that I would share it in the least appropriate place possible. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, thanks for the encouragement! Wes and I appreciate it more than Doc does, but he does a little.

    -Ashley, what could be a more appropriate place for a nonsensical comment like that than on a blog dedicated to the sole purpose of parsing said nonsense? I have to say, the comment reminds me strongly of the underwater scene in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” Needless to say, I enjoyed it heartily. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My mom is going through something similar as her three-legged dog broke one of his legs! He really can’t do anything but run because of his three legs…. and keeping him on the ground and calm is not an easy task…..

    Thanks for the giggle. I shared your agony with my mother and she had a giggle as well. Here’s to hoping our puppies get better soon!!

  4. -Genay, Oh I think your mom’s 3-legged dog totally trumps my dog in terms of bad luck! I’m so sad one of those legs in now out of commission, I hope he gets better lickety split!

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