The Makings of a Shut-In

Blog posts may be a bit sparse for the next month…

OK, just kidding. I am, however, planning on spending a lot of time away from my kitchen and the computer during the month of September because all out favorite shows are coming out DVD. Oh, my goodness am I excited!

First up we’ve got House, M.D., which both Wes and I love with the fiery passion a million tiny little suns. Then we’re looking forward to catching up with our favorite genetic mutations on Heroes. After that we’ll spend some time watching Vic Mackey kick bottoms and take names (and hopefully kill Shane) on The Shield. We’ll follow that up with some lighter fare in the form of shenanigans with our buddies in Entourage and the bumblings of the Dunder Mifflin crew on The Office. We’ll cap off our super-September with the latest offerings from the romantically deficient budding young surgeons of Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s obvious why I’m excited, yes? Christmas done come early, ladies and gents!

4 thoughts on “The Makings of a Shut-In

  1. We loves Heroes as well. And the Shield. Woohoo for fall tv!! The only thing I like about fall besides Thanksgiving…

  2. -Del, Can you believe how they ended the last season of The Shield?! Wes and I had twin conniption fits!

  3. I honestly don’t remember what the hell happened last season….we are renting the last disc to refresh our memory (and so Tim can see the season finale, because he had to leave for Iraq when it aired).

  4. -Del, Oh, dear. Well, without giving anything away, make sure when you’re watching that there’s nothing smashy within arm’s distance.

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