The Mint Monopoly

You know what tastes horrible together? Shrimp and tortilla chips. Seriously, don’t ever try it. Eww. I only know this because I ate some special fried rice left-overs and then topped it off with a tortilla chip chaser. Honestly? Not one of my best ideas.

What has been one of my better ideas (at least lately) was to buy brownies and chocolate chips at the grocery store over the weekend. I went a little nuts while perusing chocolate recipes in my cookbook (seriously, like a crack fiend browsing a crack rock catalogue I was) and just decided to throw up my hands and buy as much chocolate as I could justify.

It’s been such a delicious lapse in judgment.

Other notable happenings from the weekend:

  • The puppy and I took a nap on Friday night at 7:30pm (he on the floor, I on the couch) and woke up at 9pm only to go upstairs and back to sleep (he in his crate, I in my bed) for the rest of the night. It was awesome.
  • Wes made me a cosmo and baked some brownies for me on Saturday night while I painted my toenails. This is also known as the best half-hour of my life.
  • I answered the age-old question “Can one get truly full from eating Chinese food?” on Sunday and promptly celebrated by not moving the entirety of Sunday afternoon.
  • While brushing my teeth I pondered the mint-monopoly in the toothpaste market. I wondered if there were any forerunners, or if it’s always just been mint with cinnamon running a perpetual second. Then I thought about bubblegum flavored toothpaste for kids, and considered the idea that outgrowing bubblegum toothpaste is perhaps the true indicator of adulthood. Seriously, I wondered, when did the idea of brushing my teeth with candy stop being alluring?!

As you can see, it’s been nothing but the typical high-brow fare over here the past two days. If nothing else, it was supremely relaxing and I feel good, Monday notwithstanding.

I am really hoping to get some closure on the whole toothpaste flavor issue, though. Is there a Condensed History of Toothpaste available somewhere for my edification? I’m reading about women’s suffrage right now but I could take a quick side trip. After all, it is in the name of science.

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