The Mitchell Discotheque

We made it through the storm just fine. Our house is intact, there are no felled trees in our yard, and our trash cans are safely tucked away in our garage (unlike my neighbor’s trash cans which blew clear over to the other side of the street. She’s still looking for the lid, which I found this morning. It was almost a block away!)

Wes was playing guitar with some friends last night (no, he has not joined a band. They are just a group of people who get together every now and then to play music. There’s a rapper involved. No, I don’t know why) so it was just me and the puppy.

I got home to find that there was no power. When I walked outside to let Doc out of his pen it was, well, let’s just say it was breezy. He was very excited and happy to see me and ran around sniffing and exploring and just being a happy puppy. There was a lot to explore as the wind had knocked every leaf tenacious enough to remain clinging to a tree onto our lawn. It looks like Wes mowed the lawn with leaves.

As we were walking back toward the house a really strong gust of wind came and frightened the crap out of my poor little puppy. He kept looking around like someone was touching him but he couldn’t figure out who and then just started pacing and looking at me in a very agitated fashion.

I just stood there and let him work it out. I was sorely tempted to skip his walk and whisk him into the warmth and safety of the house but I resisted said temptation because it wasn’t what was best for him. It’s important while he’s young to expose him to all the experiences that life has to offer, frights included. We want a bombproof dog who is calm and stable when he’s older which means that when he’s scared of something we just have to keep providing opportunities for him to get over his fear.

Eventually he noticed that when the wind blows the leaves blow with it and just like that he was over it. He chased the leaves and whenever he caught one he grasped it in his little paws and chewed on it until it was a pulpy lump and then moved on to another one. He was still a little skittish during our walk but we pushed through and made it home safely.

We spent a very pleasant evening together and when Wes came home we were both asleep. I’m a fatigue light-weight and if I have the option of going to bed at 8:30pm I will take it because man, if that sleep doesn’t feel good in the morning. I may be a fuddyduddy, but I’m a well-rested fuddyduddy.

When I woke up the wind was still blowing hard and there were sirens outside. It was a little jarring to hear that early in the morning. Then the power started doing weird things. It went off, then on, then off, then on, over and over for about 10 minutes. It was like our house was a giant strobe light. All it was missing was a sub-woofer as big as my head and some trashy Euro-Pop.

That’s the funny thing about living where we do. We live on a giant hill (affectionately known as “The Plateau”) and whenever the wind picks up the power goes out. You can pretty much count on it. We have oodles of candles available for just such occasions. The only thing you can do is light a candle or forty, keep a flashlight handy and hope the food in your refrigerator doesn’t go bad (again). You don’t realize how long it takes to build up and stock a respectable refrigerator full of condiments and food until it’s all gone bad and you have to start over again.

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