The Twilight of My Sanity

What is the story with all the fun young adult book series that have the ability to suck away an entire weekend’s worth of time, leaving you breathless and exhausted on Monday, but aching for more? Surely there are books out there that are a little more suited to my age, but for the life of me I can’t seem to summon the same extreme zeal for them.

For example, I, along with half of the world, fell prey to the great Harry Potter pandemic that devastated the productivity of responsible men, women, and children everywhere. I bought the final book the day it became publicly available, and I read it all the way to end, almost without ceasing.

When Wes stumbled across my inert form, laying curled up on the couch where it had remained since the day I came home with the book, he suggested that perhaps I might want to eat something, or perhaps maybe even just shower a little?

In return, I suggested that he might want to mind his own business as I was in the middle of dealing with Voldemort and couldn’t bother with his concerns.

Yep, there’s a good reason Wes’ eyes widen in fear whenever I come home with a shiny new book with the word “Series” written across the front. Another notable example is the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. When I get started on those, I don’t emerge from that world for at least two weeks.

Oh sure, I’ll eat, drink, cook, and sleep like a normal human being but I simply am not there. My mind is with Roland, and his gunslingers, and their epic quest to save the Dark Tower.

Last Thursday, a friend at work recommended that I wrap my head around the Twilight series. She brought the first book to work with her and I took it home, ready for anything. You see, it’s right up my alley: it deals with vampires.

Done and done, is all I’m saying.

I have a thing for vampires. Always have, I suppose I always will. I’ve read all of Anne Rice’s books, for example, and count Interview With a Vampire among my favorite movies. It’s just a topic that’s always intrigued me.

Well, I started the book on Thursday night. I made a feeble promise that I would wait to start the book until I finished my novel, but the promise sounded hollow when I said it. The moment I started the book I was gone. I’m making a conscious effort to be mentally present when I’m talking to people, but a compelling book series is like heroin for me. When it’s gone, I’m never really free from it.

I finished the book in three days and today I practically tackled my friend to ask her to bring the second book of the series to work with her tomorrow. She may or may not ever talk to me again, so deranged was I in explaining the importance of that book to my general health, but I know I can bribe her back into being friends with me with some Pho. After all, it’s her fault I got into this mess.

I’m aware that the movie comes out on Friday, but I probably won’t go see it. My imagination is so much more fun than a movie, so I have no doubt it will only disappoint me. Why pay for a sure disappointment?

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who’s all tied up in knots over the Twilight series. My only confusion is why I hadn’t heard of it until just now. How could I have missed this?

7 thoughts on “The Twilight of My Sanity

  1. So, basically you’re saying that when you get a new series there is an idea of an Erika Mitchell; some kind of abstraction? But there is no real you? Only an entity, something illusory? And though you can hide your cold gaze, and I can shake your hand and feel flesh gripping mine and maybe I can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable, you simply are not there?

    I haven’t read them, but the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter/Executioner Series and the Laurel K. Hamilton books are quite popular amongst salubrious minded individuals such as yourself.

  2. LOL Sounds like you caught the Twilight Series Bug :-)

    I know how you feel! Been there, done that…


  3. -Dane, And here I thought I could slip one by you. I should have known better! It’s true, though. When I’m in the middle of a series, I very rarely feel 100% there. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to look into borrowing those books next. Goodness knows it’s always nice to know where your next fix is coming from!

    -Twilight Series, Yeah, I think I was hit head over heels with the bug! After I’ve read the series, I’ll have to peruse your blog. I can’t yet, because I suspect there are spoilers, but I’ll definitely check back when I’m caught up!

  4. I may be the only one out there, but I couldn’t bring myself to like Bella. My dislike of her was almost enough to make me not want to read the second book. And while I love vampires (Tru Blood on HBO is rocking my world), I was also firmly Team Jacob.

  5. -Mrs. Higrens, I’m with you on the whole Bella thing. She seems really mopey and unremarkable. Also, this story reminds me a lot of Romeo and Juliet, wherein the characters fall in love almost instantaneously with very little reason. I suspect on her part that her love for Edward is largely a pheromone/teenager thing.

    Also, what does a 100 year old vampire see in a 17 year old girl, hmmm? Pheromones, that’s what :)

    As for team Jacob…you mean the Quileute guy…? Billy Black’s kid…? ……………?

  6. Hmm, I tried to like Stephenie Meyer’s books, but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure what it is about her writing, I just found her books extremely boring. But I think it’s just me.

  7. -Del, No, I don’t think it’s just you. She has a very insular way of writing, and, as the stories are geared toward young adults, the writing style is pretty simple. If I didn;t like the character of Edward so much, I probably would have stopped. Unfortunately, I don’t care a whole lot for the main character, so whenever Edward’s not around I skim quickly :)

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