The Weathermen’s Revenge

Ok, ok, ok, so the weathermen have gotten back at me for my snarky blog post yesterday by working their hoodoo magic and making it snow buckets. So many buckets, in fact, that I can no longer find Doc’s water bucket outside because it’s buried in so much snow.

Apparently, a convergence convention happened last night and now we’re all paying the price. It’s been snowing steadily all day and it’s safe to say that, unless there’s a sudden heat wave, Wes and I will be staying in for awhile.

If I were a guessing woman, I would say that so far there are about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground. Outside, I can hear children shrieking and laughing with delight, and it makes me smile to see their parents pulling them around on sleds. Everything I can see is covered in the nice snow, the kind that’s soft, powdery, and makes muffled crunching noises when you walk on it.

Doc has gone absolutely bonkers for the snow. I tried to snap some pictures of him but he was having too much fun to stand still for his mother. We went outside just a few minutes ago and Doc stepped one paw in the snow, watched it promptly disappear, and then went tearing off across the yard so fast he barely even left tracks.

He then stopped, stuck his whole head down in the snow like an exceptionally waggly ostrich, and then yanked it back up again, showering us both with the cold stuff. He looked so pleased with himself, face covered in snow notwithstanding, that I couldn’t help but laugh. He may be the most whimsically silly dog in the world. I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish but it would appear that he’s satisfied with his efforts.

I’m a bit sad about the timing of this whole thing, though. What with staying home from work yesterday because of the non-existent snow, and then staying home today and tomorrow, the last week before my holiday break is woefully short. I had so many projects that are now just going to have to wait until next year!

Oh well. At least Wes and I are both safe, the puppy’s well-behaved enough that he’s a pleasure to hang out with all day, and our house is warm and cozy. We currently own no vehicles that are wrapped around trees, and neither of us is stuck sleeping at work because we can’t get home. All in all, it would appear that there’s not much to complain about.

The only cause for concern is running out of food. At some point this weekend I’m going to have to go grocery shopping. When that time comes, I suppose I can just rig up a sled and have Doc pull me to Safeway. He may have a bum leg, but the dog can cut through snow like nobody’s business.

6 thoughts on “The Weathermen’s Revenge

  1. Well if you need a ride to the grocery store I can come to the rescue. I just spent several hours rescuing people in Issaquah/Sammamish/Redmond/Fall City/Carnation….Darn my all-wheel drive and kindness towards strangers!!

  2. Well nobody else was stopping to help them, so I thought I should. If only my arm wasn’t killing me. I just had a tetanus shot, and it hurts!

  3. -Del, Tetanus shots are terrible! I don’t envy you your arm pain, m’dear. At least you know you’ve helped out a lot of people, right?

  4. -Dane, That is a cause for concern…Do you have any skis? Perhaps you can strap them to your feet and just kind of glide to the store…?

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