The Week Erika’s Head Exploded Like an Overripe Melon

This week is going to be the end of me, the absolute end of me. Not only do I have the last few scraps of work to do to get my friend Ben’s book proofed and out the door in time for the book launch party next month, I have a baby shower to throw on Saturday, my son may or may not be starting preschool in a couple weeks, Wes is traveling for business for a few days, and I have surgery next week.

Oh! And my back went out today while I was buying supplies for the baby shower and now I can barely move. Ex.Cru.Cia.Ting.

There’s something wrong with me, though, because man sakes alive I do love being busy. I love it when my brain is buzzing and working at high efficiency and I can delegate and prioritize and plan and scheme. Wes asked me why I keep signing on to take on more and more responsibilities and I think it’s because it makes me feel like I’m still using my brain and being helpful to people.

I mean, I know I’m helpful to my kids, but sometimes I like to use my brain for something other than coordinating appointments and sandwiches. And no, planning a baby shower and (maybe?) getting my kid ready for preschool certainly isn’t on a par with neuro surgery, but hey. We all have our strengths. I’m gonna go put a bunch of adorable baby shower favors together, which requires something akin to the dexterity of a surgeon, no?

This week might just be a little too much of a good thing, though. Especially with this crippling back pain. I would dearly love to know which Indian burial ground I parked over that has resulted in me sporting a big old health issues bull’s eye on my back. Between the gimp knee and bad back, I don’t know which malady is plaguing me more.

Oh yes, that’s right. Both of them. They’re both driving me crazy.

Wish me luck as I plunge once more into the breach. If it helps, you can picture me wielding baby shower decorations and school district forms like some kind of strange, stay at home viking. It actually helps me a little too. Huh. Rar?

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