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I apoligize to everyone who clicked over here yesterday only to discover that there was no new post to entertain you. My flight was at 6:45am yesterday and I was up at 4:45am. I think all told I got about four quality hours of sleep over the weekend (I was sleeping in a twee little bed and my feet and ankles were exposed) so I was good for nothing yesterday.

For instance, I went to a meeting for Qvisory and nodded out a couple times. I then thought I’d go grocery shopping and I bought so many erroneous things I think I must have blacked out or something in the aisles. I bought two different brands of beef broth, an extra gigantic bottle of oilive oil (even though we already had one), two chocolatey items (though we needed neither), and neglected to buy more coffee creamer, even though I knew we needed more, because the bottle looked too heavy.

Guess who went to the grocery store to buy coffee creamer today? I bet you’ll only need one guess.

Regardless of how terribly I react to a severe lack of sleep, there’s news on the puppy-front. The vet called Wes yesterday morning to inform him that, one hour before his scheduled endoscopy, Doc pooped out a gigantic wad of hay and dog hair. Having no further need for surgery, the vet called us and asked us if we want him home.

After discussing the matter, Wes and I decided that we would love to have our puppy back. Wes removed the hay from Doc’s kennel last night and we get to pick him up later today. The vet said that once news got around about how sweet our puppy is they had 12 volunteers who wanted to adopt him. She also said he was the best-mannered 9-month old puppy she’s ever seen.

Heck yes he is.

So I guess my previous post was premature. I had no way of knowing back then that my dog was capable of (and foolish enough) to eat so much hay that he would block up his stomach and then proceed to poop it out in what I can only imagine was an unspeakably foul torrent of filth.

So that’s all I have for you today. I’m tired, slightly incompetant, and my puppy is coming home. Also, in case you’re wondering, I had a terrific visit with my family in California. My Dad cooked up a delicious storm and we spent a lot of good time together. He made homemade bottle rockets, I made brownies, and then we appreciated each others’ work. Like I said, it was a good weekend (minus the dog-drama) and I’m glad I was able to go visit.

Now I’m home and apparently I’m expected to work or something. I’m still so tired, however, that I’m dubious as to how good my work will be. However well my work turns out, you can visit some of my new posts here. After all, sleep deprivation has the same effect on the brain as alcohol and many classic authors wrote while intoxicated so that means my posts from the last two days must have been brilliant, right? Right?! Shoot.

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