They Stopped Just Short of Pitchforks

Greetings from the “business center” (read: tiny little room off the lobby of the hotel right next to the bathrooms) of a hotel in Washington DC! I survived the conference, though only barely, and am so ready to go home. Hotels are nice and all, but there’s no husband or puppy for me here and that is no good to me.

I had loads of good adventures while here. I’ll write a post about riding the Metro soon (believe me, I’m gonna need a whole post just for that) but for now I’ll just regale y’all with tales from a reekingly liberal conference which, in itself is not a bad thing, when you’re conservative it’s tantamount to be being the red-headed step-child.

It’s funny, I noticed this at the Republican caucus as well, but people get really dumb when they assume everyone agrees with them. One of the keynote speakers called conservatives every name in the book and resorted to the kinds of petty stereotypes that you find in simple minds and it cheapened everything she said.

During one of the panels, someone asked the speakers if there was room in politics for progressive Republicans as well. There were crickets chirping and then one of them answered with a flat “No.”

I tried to stand up and “out” myself as a progressive Republican but the moderator of that panel must have smelled the conservative on me and steadfastly ignored me. I feel like by making the conference profoundly bipartisan, they cheated themselves out of roughly half the constituents who want the same things but don’t want to be called names.

Throughout the conference people kept telling me, “Oh, you’re a Republican so you can’t support that.” When they took the time to actually find out what I thought, a lot of people realized that we want the same things.

For instance, look at healthcare. The Dems here are lobbying strongly for universal healthcare. I want to completely reform the healthcare system in our country and get rid of healthcare insurance entirely (ala the good old times when doctors could actually afford to practice good medicine.)

We truly want the same thing: Access to good healthcare for everyone in the nation. How we go about it is different, but honestly, what I’m interested in most is a system for making healthcare accessible to everyone in country who needs it without bankrupting them every time they get a hangnail. If the best system, the one that won’t add to the huge national debt we already carry, is universal healthcare then woohoo, sign me up. If that best system is reforming the healthcare system, then let’s rock that. Sometimes people get too hung up on the titles, on what Dems or Republicans are supposed to think/support, that they to miss the point entirely.

It’s so funny because I wonder if, at times, splitting the nation into two parties isn’t a diversionary tactic meant to keep us from affecting real change. We’re too busy calling each other the downfall of America to notice what our politicans are doing right under our noses.

I suppose that’s enough of my big fat opinion for now. I’m going to go back to my room for now to prepare for my epic 12-hour journey tomorrow. Wish me luck as I spend four hours in the lovely airport in Colorado, waiting to haul my tired self onto my fourth plane in 48 hours. It’s gonna be a HOOT!

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