Wes and I cleaned out our closets this weekend. We did this two years ago when we got married and moved in together and we did it again on Sunday. The reason we did this is because our house had reached critical mass as far as clothing storage capacity goes. We both need some new clothes and the prospect of shoving yet more clothing into our already burgeoning closets made me cringe.

So that’s what did. We tried on every article of clothing we own and anything that a) no longer fit or b) hadn’t been worn since we got married was put into the bon voyage pile. It was funny watching Wes try on shirts that he hasn’t worn since middle school and it was very depressing realizing that I shall never be able to wear my prom dress again (Boo!).

Once we finished going through our clothes we had a pile that basically took up our whole bed and was about a foot high. That’s a lot of clothes! I have so many coat hangers floating around now I barely know what to do with myself. Anyway, we took those clothes to the Goodwill truck that’s always behind Safeway on the weekends and bid farewell to them with nary a tear.

While we were driving home we discussed how good it feels to know that those clothes, which haven’t been worn by us in almost a decade in some cases, will be put to good use by someone somewhere. It got me to pondering on the nature of hording. It’s difficult to give clothes away because there’s always that niggling notion in the back of your head that you could potentially, someday, if you lose 100 lbs., and live in Guatemala with an alpaca, wear this *insert random article of clothing here* again.

I’m not yet entirely certain why this is. Is there comfort in excess clothing? Is the desire to retain clothing that serves no ostensible purpose an innate drive? I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that I feel much better now that our clothes only take up 3 of the closets in our house. Wes is happy because he can get dressed now without having to traipse through all three floors of our house. I’m happy because I’m having a blast imagining some guy roaming the hills of Guatemala with an alpaca while wearing my prom dress.

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