Throwback Deer

I just saw a proof of the printed version of my book and…It’s awesome, you guys. They’re getting it done so much faster than I thought they would, and it looks pretty freaking rad. I’m optimistic that those of you holding out for an honest-to-goodness printed book will have one in your hot little hands in less than a month.


Book talk aside, things have been going swimmingly here at Casa de Mitchell. Wes is wrapping up a whole slew of year-end projects, Aidan is cutting some new molars (by golly, that looks painful) and I’m down to 175 pounds and feeling pretty happy about it. I can run for two miles without stopping, none of my clothes fit, and I feel light and springy like a deer.

Granted, I’m the kind of deer a hunter probably wouldn’t shoot at what with my crazy eyes and unkempt hair, but still. A deer.

Let’s see, what else is up? We started watching Better Off Ted recently and it’s hilarious (and not just because Lindsay Bluth is in it). Aidan walked into a lake on Sunday and would have just kept on walking had I not saved him from drowning himself. Consequently, I’ve signed him up for swimming classes. Wes and I get to go to a shooting class in two weeks, after which we get to go on vacation. Alas, we probably won’t shoot anything while we’re on vacation.

Man, I’m out of practice blogging about stuff that isn’t book-related. Let’s see, how do I normally wrap things up? Mention gnomes or cupcakes, ask an inane rhetorical question, and then conclude with a nonsensical statement. So here goes:

I haven’t eaten nearly enough cupcakes lately, what with my quest to not be rotund. But that’s the thing with losing weight, isn’t it? You become uncomfortably aware of how many opportunities you have each day to make poor decisions. Ignorance really is bliss when it comes to calories. But not when it comes to toilet paper on your shoe.

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