Throwing Sheep Used to Be Such a Dignified Past-Time

Life as a recruiter can be really fun. For instance, when we attend career fairs the participating companies frequently give away fun stuff like shirts, mugs, and candy. It’s a great feeling to extend a job offer to someone and then cross the open position off the white board.

Life as a recruiter can also be abysmally futile. In the seven months I’ve been employed as a recruiter I have seen people quit after one week on the job, thereby necessitating yet another search to find the exact same kind of candidate. I have also seen people quit because of mental breakdowns, extreme aversions to the management, and health problems. Trust me, it’s not all mugs and candy.

Today evidenced one of the happy little coincidences that pop up every now and again in the life of a recruiter. I opened my email Inbox this morning and was stunned to see the resume of a person with a very familiar name. I checked the resume and was soon certain that I knew the person. In fact, I had gone to high school with this person. Believe it or not, I had actually dated this person.

I was so blown away I simply had to confirm the truth of my discovery so I emailed the person asking which high school he had attended. He replied with the name of our high school and then asked if he was correct about my maiden name. I obviously will not be conducting his interview but it will be interesting to see whether he gets hired.

Funny enough, this is not the first time I’ve run into the resume of a person I knew in high school. The first time this happened I found the resume of my friend’s ex-boyfriend. Of course, I promptly called and told her and she proceeded to drill me about whether or not he was hire-able. We (meaning my boss and I) ultimately decided not to hire him but it was still entertaining to find his resume.

I have found many of the resumes written by people I attended high school with. It’s always interesting to see what people have done with their lives, a bit like Facebook-stalking only in a professional way. I haven’t spoken with these people in years and yet I know their college GPA, their address, and where they’ve worked for the past however-many years (if people realized how many people have access to their address when they post their resumes online I think they’d be more careful).

It amuses me to think that, because of Facebook, my high school’s 10-year reunion will be more like a “Say Hi to Me in Person Instead of Writing on My Wall” party. This again (meaning for the 2nd time since September) brings up the issue of the Internet’s impact on intimacy and friendship. On this blog I share almost every inane detail about my life and yet it’s quite one-sided, isn’t it? Since starting this blog I’ve decided that I don’t mind that one-way intimacy aspect of blogging but I still wonder about its impact.

I follow the blogs of many people whom I’ve never met yet because of their blogs I feel a kind of closeness to them. It’s peculiar to say the least, to have such affection for people I’ve never met. Likewise, Facebook affords a comfortably distant way to stay “close” to people I’ve known at various points in my life but who could never really be considered “friends”. I enjoy quiz challenges and a good SuperPoke (no, not like that) as much as the next girl but I can’t help but let my mind run to extremist dystopian fantasies involving a future where no one ever leaves the house and all interaction is filtered through a computer.

Then again, if my future daughter grows up in that kind of world I may not have to worry so much about her when she starts dating. At the worst, her computer could catch a virus but that’s what firewalls are for, yes? I could make a really inappropriate joke about using protection and whatnot but because I’m classy I’ll just snicker about that in the privacy of my own mind, thank you. If you would like to make a joke, however, by all means the floor is yours.

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