Thunder Cake

Hot on the heels of my semi-bachelorette weekend, I had a moment today that gave me cause to be concerned about the ever-expanding state of my ego. In an effort to progress my quest to be the best wife ever, I prepared a meal of such delicious magnitude that Wes nearly cried.

I made chicken and dumplings from scratch (which was a super-awesome experience because it was 90 degrees in my kitchen and the recipe I have for dumplings involves kneading dough that contains freshly simmered milk) and homemade cheesecake for dessert. The dinner turned out marvelously, and the dessert was so good that we both ate until it hurt a little.

Well, it does a married couple no good to devour an entire cheesecake, so I took the remnants with me to work on Monday. I had to leave before anyone tried any, so I must admit I was a bit nervous. I kept wondering whether they would try it and spit it out, declaring me a hoax, a charlatan, an all-around bad baker and terrible person.

My fears were for naught, however, because when I came in on Tuesday, I was promptly informed that, if I wanted to keep my job, I needed to bring homemade cheesecake to work every Monday. Hoorays for me!

I thought that was going to be the end of my cheesecake-baking validation, but then it just got better. Someone who wasn’t at work on Monday tried the cheesecake today and promptly offered to pay me $20 to make him one. Squee!

So, affirmation and validation firmly in hand I am inspired to continue my travails in the kitchen. I think a nice lemon cake may be in order for this weekend. That is, assuming the thunder and lightning we’re having right now doesn’t fry my oven.

You know your marriage is quirky when there’s a major thunderstorm happening outside and neither of you notices at first because you each assume it’s the other person making all that noise somewhere in the house…

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