Tiffany’s Bookshelf Review

Tiffany’s Bookshelf reviewed my book, Blood Money, as part of a book tour organized by TLC Book Tours. I’m thrilled to say that Tiffany LOVED it!

My favorite quote from her review:

“Typically, books involving espionage and terrorism are just not my thing, but this book really captured me from the start.  I think these types of books hit a little close to home, and make readers think about all the hidden terrorist cells around the world; it is a little scary.  But this book is well written.  I particularly enjoyed the character of Azzam.  I liked that the “good guy” is a Muslim born in Iraq.  It makes the reader really think about how there are good people as well as bad people in all religions and ethnicities.”

Her whole review is great, and well worth a read!

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