Time Warp

As of today, I am thirty weeks pregnant. Three quarters of the way done being pregnant for the last time. Close enough to the finish line to hear the cheering but still too far away to see the banners flapping in the breeze.

Suddenly, everything seems to be moving at warp speed. Maybe I’m slowing down, or maybe life just really is rocketing along regardless of how I feel about it, but it all seems to be happening so fast.

It seems like we just potty trained Aidan, but then I look at the calendar and realize he’s been potty trained for a month. I keep thinking I have tons of midwife appointments to go until July, but then I realize it’s MAY and that means JUNE IS COMING and I don’t need my knuckles to tell me which month comes after that.

When I got pregnant, July 11 seemed forever away. It is simply amazing to me that it’s May already, because that means soon it’ll be Mother’s Day. And then it’ll be my birthday. And then it’ll be Memorial Day weekend. And then it’ll be June, which means I’ll be able to tell people I’m due next month.

And I really will be. Oh my gosh.

2 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. I know the feeling! I just had my 27 week appt today and while I was scheduling my next two appointments it hit me how few appointments I have left before baby comes!! Wow!! It goes so quickly and yet sometimes feels slow. Though this week it seems to be flying by!! :-)

  2. -Lisa, Right?! I have all my appointments scheduled until July and it is absolutely CAH-RAZY that I have just a handful left. We’ll have babies in our arms again before we know it!

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