Tiny Little Bandages

So, November has officially started and so has my novel. Wes abandoned me all day on Saturday to go to a men’s retreat (read: play volleyball and rock out on guitar all day) so I had nearly four uninterrupted hours to write. And write I did.

I have a little over 10,000 words done so far and I’m having a blast! Writing a novel is bizarre, it’s really it’s own kind of beast. I keep thinking I’m going to take the story one way and it squirts out from under my hand and goes in a completely different direction. New characters pop out in unexpected places, characters I thought I was going to develop lose shape and write themselves out of the story, and new plot turns surprise the crap out of me and my characters.

I’m also getting lost in the story more than is likely good for me. If I start writing and then leave to go somewhere, chances are excellent that I’ll be a total space-cadet while I’m there because my head’s still in the story. Wes and I were nearly mute in the car today because his head was stuck in his music, my head was stuck in my story, and the two of us were physically two feet apart but a million miles away mentally.

Who knew that writing a novel could be so hazardous?

I’m having an absolute blast, though, and I’m finding that the more I write the easier it is. It was the same way with blogging. When I first started it was tough to figure out ideas for new posts. Now, I have too many ideas and my blog posts end up a mile long!

Same with the novel. At first I felt self-conscious and a lot like a poser, but now the story is literally flowing through me and my fingers can’t seem to keep up (I feel really cheesy in writing that. Feel free to Boo me in the comments section if you agree).

Oh! And the best part is the shopping. My main character is planning a wedding, which means I get to go dress shopping all over again. Paradise, I tell you!

Now, if I could only figure out how to turn off my brain so I can get to sleep at night that would be ideal. Oh, and also how to get my fingers to stop hurting, too. Do they make tiny little Ace bandages for knuckles, I wonder?

5 thoughts on “Tiny Little Bandages

  1. -Dane, Spoken like a true NaNoWriMo veteran :) I can’t figure out if my absent-minded knuckle cracking is helping or hurting the situation. Any wisdom on that issue?

  2. I don’t have wisdom on ANY issue. I’ve actually never done NaNoWriMo before, but there’s a nice little podcast called The Secrets in which one of my favorite authors, Michael A. Stackpole, gives writing tips. That was one of the ones he gave for high-volume writing specifically for NaNoWriMo.

  3. Hmm….at least you don’t have arthritis like a certain someone. That could seriously deter the writing of a novel. Good luck with your writing, I want to read it when it is finished!

  4. -Dane, Oh I see! Well, I’m super-excited you’re doing it this year. We can OD on Advil and become distracted and quiet around friends and family together!

    -Del, Arthritis?! That’s so lame! Yeah, I can see that taking the fun out of writing a novel. When it’s all done of course you may read it, that is, if I ever finish… ;)

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