Top Mommy Blogger?

I’m not sure I qualify, but I was nominated as a Top Mommy Blogger over at Babble.  Do you feel like voting for me?  You can do so here if you like.

Just go to that page, look toward the very bottom (Or do Ctrl+F and search for Parsing Nonsense), and then click “I Like This Blogger”.  Easy peasy.  I’m flattered to be nominated, but still feel rather like a guppy who got lost and ended up at Sea World.

2 thoughts on “Top Mommy Blogger?

  1. I voted!

    I may be biased, but I think you are funnier than Dooce. I don’t think I’d like her face to face, but you and I could have fun with a pan of brownies, no problem.

  2. -Blanche, Thank you for voting! There’s no way I’ll crack the top 50, but I appreciate the vote anyhow :) Awww, you’re so sweet you made me cry a little (granted, not hard to do these days but still, you’re so sweet!!)

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