Tossing Weeds

Weeds (the show) broke my heart. We had a great courtship, season one was terrific, and I thought we were going to be compatible for all time. I introduced Weeds to my friends, contemplated adding it to my “Favorite Shows” list on Facebook, and even mentioned it on my blog.

I thought we were real. I thought we were forever.

Then, after I had made my commitment and declared my true love for it, it dumped me. Season two was a right bastard and made me regret every minute I’d spent with the show. What had begun as an entertaining, slightly irrelevant, yet overwhelmingly hilarious show soured into an upsetting, disturbing, convoluted mess of a dysfunctional relationship and as of right now I’m cutting the cord.

That’s it, Weeds. I’ve had it with you. We’re done. Lose my number.

Luckily, this breakup happens to coincide with the weekend so I have plenty of time to nurse my wounds. Maybe I’ll even pick up a rebound show, like Numb3rs, in order to give me the space I need to lick my wounds. That’s not to say that there won’t be booze, though. And brownies. After all, I’m only human and what is a breakup if not an excuse to stuff your face with chocolate and cosmos?

13 thoughts on “Tossing Weeds

  1. I LOVE NUMB3RS!!!

    Although I think I may be more infatuated with NCIS. Regardless, in both cases you’re talking about shows that can be instant streamed over xbox.

  2. -Dane, I believe Numb3rs was your suggestion, and it was a good one at that. Wes and I like it quite a bit! NCIS is a show I’ve heard good things about but it looks really intense. Would you classify it as such?

  3. No. What makes NCIS so great is that its got so much humor. Certainly much more than Numb3rs

  4. -Dane, After the insufferable drama that was Weeds, I think both Wes and I are ready for some lighter fare. I wonder why I thought NCIS was so intense though. Very strange…

  5. I knew I liked you!

    I have a love/eh relationship with Numb3rs. Mostly because it comes on so late on Friday I forget to watch it and without Tivo or a DVR it’s hard to catch up. But I have a strange attraction to both the brothers.

    And I love NCIS. There is so much humor and reality to the personal interactions – but the locations are so fictional it’s funny to me since I live near the navy bases where much of the action is centered. (CSI is much more intense and dark, IMHO.)

    The Sanctuary is also interesting, but that’s a late nighter also so I don’t catch it as much. Also Bones which to me is a mix of NCIS and Numb3rs – so again the development of the interpersonal relationships are as much a part of the show as the cases.

  6. -Mrs. Higrens, How’d you know that Wes and I are in the midst of finding some new shows to add to our Netflix queue? Thanks for the great list of suggestions! Now that I’ve had two people vet NCIS for me, I reckon it’s time to give it a whirl!

  7. Mrs. Higrens – I don’t know who you are IRL, but you just jumped up the list of my favorite parsingnonsense commenters ;-)

    I love Bones. But I never watch it because I never have any idea when it’s on. I try and catch up online, but there’s only so much you can do! That being said, the technical details (which I am a nit-picker about) are not nearly as accurate as NCIS and Numb3rs, who very obviously have NCIS and FBI consultants heavily involved.

    Having lived in (well, around) DC for three years, I have to say that the NCIS locations often seem to get the feel right, such as when they’re in Georgetown or Rock Creek Park, but the details wrong. The places, like you said, are generally wrong. The replica of the outside of the Navy yard is pretty good, though.

    Numb3rs streams over Netflix, if you have that hooked up to your tv. Latest season of NCIS as well.

    I never got into CSI because I couldn’t get into the characters. NCIS, Bones, and Numb3rs are all very character and relationship based.

    Erika! NCIS, Season 1, Disk 1, on the que today!

  8. Oh, two more things: Even K, quickly got to the point where she didn’t want me watching NCIS episodes without her. We’ve now seen all six seasons worth.

    And speaking of K, she really likes the Tudors, if you’re looking for another show recommendation.

  9. -Dane, Between you and Mrs. Higrens, Wes and I won’t be without shows ever again! I’ll definitely add NCIS to our queue and care not a whit about scenery inaccuracies because I’ve always been a West coast girl.

    How could you not like the CSI characters, though? Wes and I adore them to the point where they almost feel like extended family!

    I’ve expressed interest in watching The Tudors, but Wes is not yet on board. He’s wary of any period film/show that encompasses a lot of drama. For example, I loved The Other Boleyn Girl, him? Not so much. I’ll have him read your comment, though, and maybe he’ll acquiesce to giving it a try.

  10. The thing with the Tudors is that it is a very good show, well acted and produced and all that… but for some strange reason, I fell asleep EVERY SINGLE TIME we watched it. Every time. It was very strange.

    Also, because it’s an entire multi-season series (Season 2 just came out on DVD) which encompasses many many hours, it made watching the Other Boleyn Girl seem like watching Cliffs Notes and at that point pretty superfluous.

  11. -Dane, DUDE, Numb3rs has that exact same effect on me. Maybe it’s just all the working and not sleeping and stuff, but every time we turn that show on my eyelids get really heavy about 20 minutes in. So weird!

    Your sleeping habit may have something to do with the ridiculous, lawyerish hours you keep, though. Just maybe.

  12. The issue I have with NCIS is more when they say they are taking a certain interstate to get to Norfolk (Naw-fuck, not Nor-folk) from DC and it’s not one that really exists…for some reason that really bugs me.

    But then, apart from my husband having paramedic training, I’m not familiar enough with the procedural elements of the different shows to nit-pick on that.

    I read The Other Bolelyn Girl and that was enough to put me off the Tudors (that and lack of Showtime/Cinemax).

    What about Eureka? That’s got a lot of humor but takes a bit of suspension of reality. Too bad SciFi takes such long breaks between short runs of episodes.

  13. -Mrs. Higrens, I’ve never even heard of Eureka! If it’s sci-fi, though, chances are excellent my husband will appreciate it. The Other Boleyn Girl was a pretty intense movie, and I take it from your lack of desire to see the movie that the book was likewise intense. I wonder if the historical events were really like that or if they’ve been amped up for effect.

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