TTDNST: A Total Mind Trip

Sorry for disappearing on you yesterday, I started working on my novel and before I knew it my husband was home and wanted me to make him dinner or something.  The nerve.  It’s a funny thing, I never had any interest in editing my first novel.  I think it’s because it needs so much help that in order to make it better I just need to rewrite the whole dang thing.  I’m not often in the mood to rewrite entire novels so I never touch it.  From what I’ve heard first novels are supposed to stay locked away in drawers untouched by the light of day anyway so I’m not too worried.

This novel, though, is the apple of my hyper-critical, demanding, and ambitious eye.  I had to laugh at myself last night because I was talking about how easy it would be to turn this story into a movie.  Not only have I gotten published in my mind, I’m making movies too!

Lucky for me (and my gigantically inflated dreamer’s head) today is Thursday.  Thursdays mean the focus is off me and on whatever wonder I’ve found to enthrall you for the week.  Specifically, Thursdays are reserved for Things That Do Not Suck.  If you’ll recall, I started Things That Do Not Suck Thursdays as a kind of counterweight against all the bad news that’s all around nowadays.  A neat side effect is that I’m constantly on the lookout for neat things to share.

I was tempted to take a picture of some random middle-aged dude I saw riding his motorcycle without a shirt so that I could share it, but I decided that a shirtless middle-aged man on a hog doesn’t really qualify.  Not only would that make one heck of a mess if he crashed, he had moobs (man boobs) and the last thing I need to see when I’m zooming down the road are some dude’s moobs swaying gently in the breeze.

What I did find is pretty special, though, so I’m not disappointed that the half-naked motorcyclist didn’t work out.  These photos come courtesy of an email from my step-father, who thought I’d enjoy them.  I did.


Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever.

I guess there’s this British artist named Julian Beever who does chalk drawings throughout Europe and Australia and he’s simply incredible.

Wouldn't it be cool to see that in person?

Wouldn't it be fun to see that in person?

People with talent like this blow me away.  What he can do with a stretch of pavement and some chalk quite simple makes me sit at the computer catching flies in my open-in-awe mouth.

Really messes with your mind, doesn't it?

Really messes with your mind, doesn't it?

Makes me feel embarrassed by my stunted little drawings that barely even qualify as stick figures.  I have to admire this guy’s work because at no point, even if I went to art school for 100 years, could I ever hope to do something this cool with concrete and chalk.  When your four year old niece looks at a picture you drew of a horse, pats your head, and tells you how proud of you she is because you tried to draw a horse, you know drawing’s not your gig.

If you want a real mind trip, look at those pictures and remind yourself that these are flat surfaces.  Especially with the Batman and Robin one, look at that one and tell yourself that both his feet are flat on the ground and even with the rest of the picture.  This has been making me crazy all week!

7 thoughts on “TTDNST: A Total Mind Trip

  1. I have seen this dudes art before, can’t remember where though…
    But, agree he is way talented! I think I would pee myself if I was a bystander and watched someone avoid the missing bricks though. I might even point and laugh! I can be cruel, but hey, it’s cruel to be kind ;)

  2. -EdgellACE, Neat! I figured that half the civilized world had already seen and marvelled at his work, but I’m nothing if not perpetually behind the curve of Really Cool Things so here we are. It would be pretty funny to watch people avoiding the bricks, though I wonder if they’re avoiding them because they think there are really bricks there or because they don’t want to ruin the artwork.

  3. I have come to find out that most people are kind of stupid, either that or they walk around in a constant state of drunkiness or stoned silly, but I can see a few peep who wouldn’t want to ruin the art.

  4. Hurray for trump l’oile (is that how it’s spelled?) chalk drawings!

    My thing that does not suck for Friday: I didn’t have to go to the courthouse for jury duty.

  5. -EdgellACE, Oh man, I drove behind this one guy yesterday and he must have been stoned OUT OF HIS MIND because he forgot to go at every green lane and spent almost as much time in between lanes as he did in the center divider. What a mess! I think the world needs just a couple more guys like that to turn into an absolute mess.

    -Blanche, I believe it’s spelled trompe-l’oeil, but way to go with the obscure French phrase! That way doesn’t suck, hooray for you! Enjoy the freedom, chica!

  6. -Perception, That guy is seriously creative! How he’s able to create those 3D images is beyond me, what an eye!

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