TTDNST: Awkward and Loving It

Have I ever mentioned how awesome Wes is?  Because seriously, the man is fantastik.  Not fantastic.  Fantastik.  He’s so cool he gets his own special spelling of a cool word.  That’s pretty cool.

The reason I’m so singing Wes’ praises right now is that he’s doing me a huge favor by helping me out with a big project for work.  We have to do a video to win a small business grant and none of us has the time or skill to shoot and edit a video.  We were going to have one of my boss’ friends help us out yesterday but the scheduling didn’t work out.  I was looking at the prospect of having to shoot the video myself (a very bad idea) and I called Wes to kvetch.  He sprang into action and put his projects on hold to save the day.

Within an hour we had a bunch of raw footage and Wes was home again, editing his face off.  He worked all day (in between conference calls and interviews) and has a rough draft already done.  It’s awesome.  The editing is great, the shots are fun, and he even wrote an original guitar riff to play during the intro.  Seriously, he went the extra mile and then kept right on going.

That’s the real Thing That Does Not Suck this week, but I’m loathe to show the video off yet because it’s not done.  Instead, to sate your appetite for non-suckitude, I present you with a site I just discovered today.  It’s called Awkward Family Photos and showcases the very best awkward family photos ever scraped off the bottom of someone’s hall closet.  It’s an amusing site with which to waste some time, and I doubt they’ll run out of photos to showcase soon.

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from that site, with the hopes that your Friday and weekend are substantially less awkward than any of the photos on that site.

Doesn't the lady in front look THRILLED to be holding that parrot?

Doesn't the lady in front look THRILLED to be holding that parrot?

Think fertile thoughts for me this weekend as I take another pregnancy test to discern whether my extremely late period (seriously, like a week and a half late) is due to freak of nature-ness or because of a tiny little person.  I will of course keep you all posted (ha ha!  Get it?  Posted?  Because I write blog posts?)  I’m going to leave now before I pun again.

6 thoughts on “TTDNST: Awkward and Loving It

  1. Yay Wes!

    Friday morning punchiness forces me to share infamous exit lines:
    Make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here.
    Make like a tree and leaf.
    Make like a goalie and get the puck out of here.
    Better run before you pun.

    Back to the pile of ragingly important things to do that are sitting on my desk sending up flares.

  2. -Blanche, Yay Wes indeed! I like that word “punchiness”, I’m gonna have to use that word all weekend now. Is that what the flares from your important items spur you to do? Mine just distract me, I’m all “Ooh, pretty colors!”

  3. The flares just end up showering down sparks and setting other things on fire that I then have to address. It’s neither pretty nor good.

    The combo of home stress and work stress is about to make my head explode. Or, more likely, I’ll go into the human equivalent of the “blue screen of death.”

  4. -Blanche, Yikes, maybe you just need to work for a bottled water company? We’re a very low risk for accidental fire setting. Work and home stress, huh? Sounds like the perfect combination of major suckitude. A nice blue screen of death weekend could be nice though. Unplug the phone, turn off the computer, and just disappear for awhile…

  5. EPIC website! I could add a few pics of my crazy family to that site!
    PS – I was 12 days late with my first kid before I got a positive test. My fertile fingers are crossed for you :)

  6. -Belly Girl, Yeah, I can think of a few family photos that would fit right in on that site, including the single worst picture ever taken of me. I have two words for you: crazy eyes. Thanks for the note about how long it took you to get a positive test, I appreciate the encouragement and the crossed fingers!

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