TTDNST: Bones?!

It’s really too bad this theme doesn’t display time stamps, because if it did you’d notice that this was posted much later than I normally make a habit of posting.  I came home today and could barely scrape myself off the couch long enough to make dinner and, once I got dinner in the oven, I had a choice to make: write a blog post or make peanut butter cookies.

True to form, my stomach handled all the complex thinking processes and I hied myself to the kitchen to throw stuff into a bowl and hope the result was cookie dough.  Sure I was so tired I could barely string a sentence together, but we had some fine cookies for dessert!  The added bonus with peanut butter cookies is that they’re vaguely healthy, what with the peanut butter and all.  One could almost imagine they’re what peanuts were supposed to taste like, back before they remembered they were healthy.

Today was a big day for me.  Not only did I make the aforementioned cookies, my guest post for a friend’s blog went up!  I wrote a post about the delegation of household tasks in marriage for my friend Rebecca, who runs the blog for a neat new company called Alice.  It was a fun project, maybe there’ll even be a follow-up post about the fine art of splitting desserts when there’s an uneven number of cookies left.  If you’re in the mood, and feel like jumping into the fray with your opinions, you’re cordially invited to hop over and have a read.

Before I get hoisted by my own petard, let me not forget what day it is.  Today is Thursday, the day we all know to be the day I share with you my Thing That Does Not Suck for the week.  The Thing for this week surprised me a bit, but that’s TTDNST’s for you, just full of surprises, those wily devils!

The Thing That Does Not Suck this week is Bones: Season 2.  Sounds odd, but hear me out.  I wrote a post back when Wes and I were in the middle of the first season, explaining why I wasn’t really sold on the show.  The characters held little interest for me and I feel like they put the cart before the ox or whatever in many respects.

Season 2 is an entirely different beast.  The characters all seem human for a change and the repartee is fun.  There are romantic entanglements, interesting cases, and enough variety to keep the format from getting stale.  In short, it’s an entirely different beast than season 1.  I highly recommend it.  It takes a lot to change my mind (Wes can confirm this) so for a show to go from something I have to force myself to sit through to something I’m excited to watch, it must really be extraordinary.  Well done, masterminds of Bones, well done indeed.

14 thoughts on “TTDNST: Bones?!

  1. Having watched the most recent episode last night, I can tell you it just keeps getting better.

    Are your PB cookies crunchy or chewy? The recipe I use ends up crunchy, and DH keeps asking for chewy, so thought I’d check.

  2. Too bad nobody ever told you that while the first season was not great, the second was fantastic. If someone had mentioned that to you, you might have been a little more eager to jump into later seasons. If only you had friends like that; who would offer honest, insightful, and unbiased commentary that could be trusted.

    Also, how are you liking NCIS?

  3. -Blanche, Awesome! I’ll have to get you my peanut butter cookie recipe, it’s chewy as the day is long (and lately, that’s pretty frigging chewy).

    -DC, Is that…sarcasm you’re using there? It looks like sarcasm, and smells like sarcasm, but one can never be sure. I’ll have to look into the matter further. The same friend who recommended Bones may have also recommended Spartan, which someone may have hated, so there’s always that. Sir.

    All cockblockery aside, when you said that Bones got better after season one I was still hesitant because even if a bad show gets better it could still only end up as a mediocre show. I’m truly surprised by how much better the show is! Wes and I finished the first season of NCIS and really liked it. We’ll probably start season two pretty soon. I’ll keep you apprised.

  4. David Mamet is a specific taste. He’s not generally fit for mass consumption. If you like one Mamet film, you’ll probably like others, regardless of subject matter. If you don’t, then you probably won’t like any of them, regardless of subject matter. I trained at his studio, so I may be biased, but I like him a lot. I now know you don’t, so I probably would not recommend any other Mamet films to you. Michael Mann is the same way. If someone tells me they didn’t like Heat, even though it’s one of the best movies ever committed to celluloid, I’m not going to recommend Collateral, Miami Vice, Thief, and Manhunter to them.

    Bones is built for a much broader audience. You’ve got your procedural stuff, your humor, your chemistry between two attractive leads, your mystery, your drama, etc. It’s designed to appeal to as many people as possible, and I think it succeeds admirably, in my opinion. NCIS is similar.

    You know what’s awesome and that you may enjoy? Castle. Check it out. Mondays at 10, I believe. Cops and writers.

  5. -DC, I think that’s a pretty funny way to describe someone: You’re not really fit for mass consumption. I’m going to have to remember that one. You might be surprised what I do/don’t like, though. I loved Heat, and enjoyed Collateral a whole heckuva lot, but I couldn’t stand Miami Vice or Maneater. In Maneater’s defense, it didn’t help that I’ve read the book a thrillion times and seen the recent remake.

    Still, though, maybe it was the one whiny girl character in Spartan that didn’t appeal. I think my dislike for her was so strong it colored my perception of the film as a whole. By all means, recommend away, as obviously my taste in movies is neither reliable nor consistent.

    I’ve heard excellent things about Castle, thanks for the suggestion. We still have no cable so I’m going to have to wait until it’s out on DVD :)

  6. -EdgellACE, I never knew how adorable David Borneaz could be until I saw this show. I agree, he’s very heart-able.

  7. -Blanche, He was on Buffy? Wasn’t his wife (Sarah Michelle Gellar {sp?}) on that show too? Aww, a match made in tv-show heaven!

  8. They were never married. I think SMG was married to Freddie Prinze Jr. David, however, not only had a leading role on Buffy, but was the titular character in the Buffy spin-off Angel.

  9. -DC, Wow, you are a walking IMDB, my friend. You’re absolutely right, how did I get those two confused??? I’m a bit ashamed, really, for that egregious lack of celebrity minutiae fortitude.

  10. Saw your twitter feed. Although Firefly abuses every sci-fi western cliche in the book, it is one of the best things ever to hit television. Sort of funny how things work like that. I assume Serenity is next on you Netflix queue?

  11. -DC, I wasn’t even aware there were sci-fi western cliches. Just goes to show you that everything is cool is someone. I love the hammy western aspect of the show, it’s a ton of fun! We went backward, though, and actually started with Serenity. We liked the movie so much we thought we’d give the show a try :)

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