TTDNST: Running to Stand Still

If you were to ask me right now what I want most in the world, my answer would not be any of the following options:

  • World peace
  • Stable economy
  • Food for all the starving children in Africa

My answer would be: A fresh, still-steaming Double Double, extra large side of fries, and a strawberry milkshake from In-N-Out.  I’m a shallow, hollow person on the inside, but dang it if a hot meal from In-N-Out doesn’t sound like it would take care of all my problems right now.

I am sitting here slightly dazed from two consecutive long days at work.  I stayed an hour late on Tuesday (no big deal, really) but I didn’t leave work until almost 7 PM last night and I’m plumb exhausted (I know for certain that there’s a lawyer over on the East coast who’s snorting in derision over my namby-pamby reaction to working late).  Wes has had to cook dinner two nights in a row and I wish my conscience would allow me to ask him to cook dinner for a third night.

I’m so tired right now I can’t fix my hair.  My ponytail is rumpled, wispy, and sticking out all over the place.  How can I be expected to cook dinner if I can’t even do my hair???

In light of my fatigue, and the fact that I was so busy this week that I didn’t even have time to scour the Internets looking for promising Things That Do Not Suck candidates, I’m going a little closer to home this week.  This week’s Thing is: my work blog.

It looks exactly the same as it used to.  There are no new pictures, I haven’t changed the formatting, nothing about my work blog is different at all.  That’s why I’ve been working so hard this week: to make sure the blog didn’t change at all.

We migrated it to a different server and installed a different version of the CMS we use, which meant that all our data had to transfer over from the old blog to the new one.  As so often happens with this kind of thing, almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong and after a week of brain-intensive work it’s now exactly the same way it used to be.


If you want to see the object of my blood, sweat, and tears you’re welcome to hop over and take a look.

And now a poll, because I love them and think they’re fun:[poll id=”7″]

5 thoughts on “TTDNST: Running to Stand Still

  1. -Perception, OH MY GOSH. This week went by so fast but I am so so thankful tomorrow is Friday. I can almost feel that sweet weekend sleep-in now! I’m planning to spend part of my weekend writing and I can’t wait! What are you up to?

  2. Sleep. I want to sleep and wake up well-rested with lots of energy.

    For my things that do not suck: The boss left early this morning for a long weekend and I’m in the office by myself. There could be a nap in my future.

  3. I’m not quite snorting… but the thought of leaving at seven on a regular basis makes me wonder what I’d do with the rest of my night… (Why do I hear Carly Simon in my head? I’m definitely not Warren Beatty…)

    That being said, I probably work 30-50% fewer hours than my colleagues across the river who are lucky enough to still have jobs, so I’m not complaining.

    And while I would love a double double double with fries and a shake, I put “something else.” Because, you guessed it, I’m mysterious like that.

  4. -Blanche, Ooooh, sleep! Good one. I was so tired this morning that I tried willing it to be the weekend already but it didn’t work. Dang it. Congrats on running wild in the office while the cat’s away, I hope you brought a movie to watch!

    -DC, You’ll probably flip out to know, then, that I usually leave work at 4! Think of all you could accomplish if you left work at 4 every day. It’s life-changing, I highly recommend it. I can’t imagine working late on a regular basis, I wasn’t meant to work such long hours. I get a little punch-drunk after awhile and start saying stupid things. You are pretty mysterious like that, and I’m very curious to know what your answer would be. A dolphin ride through the Caribbean? A free wedding? A month long honeymoon?? My interest, it is piqued.

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