TTDNST: Chipmunk Whimsy

I am so excited about this week’s Thing That Does Not Suck that I’m sitting here in my comfy chair giggling like a fiend and typing like a higher-than-a-kite chipmunk who’s just gotten back from a titillating date with a gentlemanly wookie.  I found these images on Friday of last week, actually, and it’s been more than a little torturous to keep them to myself all week.

But I did.  Because you guys deserve an awesome Things That Do Not Suck Thursday.  You’ve worked hard, doing what you do, and deserve a dash of nonsense and whimsy to get your weekend off to a good start.  And what could be more whimsical than a storm trooper riding a chipmunk?


According to the guy who took these pictures, these are real.  I guess there are a bunch of wild chipmunks that live in his parent’s backyard and those chipmunks have become quite friendly over the years.  Friendly enough to go on a date with a wookie, I guess.

This is exactly like Lady and the Tramp.

This is exactly like Lady and the Tramp.

But not friendly enough to resist being horrified by the fierceness that is a rampaging Ewok.

Can't you just hear the little chipmunk scream?

Can't you just hear the little chipmunk scream?

There are very few creatures brave enough to be friendly in the face of an irate Ewok.

8 thoughts on “TTDNST: Chipmunk Whimsy

  1. Being a big fan of both Star Wars and chipmunks, I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  2. I love the last picture. Not that the others aren’t great, but there’s just something about the last one that is better.

    Ewoks are scary mo-fo’s.

  3. I outgrew posters a couple of years ago, but had I not, I would TOTALLY be dying for these in poster form!

  4. -Delisa, Yay! If it brought a smile to your day then it served its point entirely.

    -Blanche, I KNOW! That one is my favorite too, I’ve never seen a chipmunk look so affronted in my life. Agree with you on the Ewoks too, they mean business.

    -April, No kidding, I’d print this on a huge canvas and hang it in my living room, but I’m not rich enough to be eccentric so I think it would probably just come across as weird.

  5. -Perception, yay! I’m so glad these amused everyone as much as they amused me. As long as things like this exist I reckon we’re doing ok.

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