TTDNST: Deadline Entrendres

Thank goodness today was a better day for me than either yesterday or the day before!  Between telling my boss he was only allowed to converse with me exclusively using semaphore, and proactively critiquing one of the submissions for my writer’s group on Saurday (thus saving myself the indignity of trying to cram quality critiquing into the five minutes before the group starts), I’m feeling pretty good about everything that happened today.

Not the least of the things that happened today is that Wednesday ended, thus bringing us to Thursday!  Since declaring Thursdays the day for nothing but things that do not suck, they have quickly risen to become my favorite days of the week.  I sometimes feel like I blink and another Thursday is rolling back into view, bringing with it fresh impetus to search out and show off the most non-sucky thing I’ve come across that week.

This week’s Thing That Does Not Suck was chosen almost immediately.  It was actually in a tie-breaker with the amazing photography of Erik Johansson, whose work graced yesterday’s post, but I decided to go with the one that made me smile, as opposed to the one that left me gaping in awe.

I’m really excited to introduce you to Inkygirl, who draws the most adorable cartoons.  Her work is primarily geared to appeal to writers, but I think they’re all purpose cute.  This particular drawing brought me much happiness this week:

Tell me this didn't make you melt all over!

Tell me this didn't make you melt all over!

I know my sense of humor is lame, but I’m tickled by this and it’s my blog so there.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be on my roof frantically consulting a semaphore letter chart and communicating with my boss using large, brightly colored flags.

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