TTDNST: Franz Ferdinand the Womanizer

Today’s entry will be brief because I’m making lasagna from scratch tonight but I would be remiss if I neglected my Things That Do Not Suck Thursday duties.  Remiss.

I found this on the Internets this week and it delighted me.  Not because it’s pure art but because it’s interesting.  Franz Ferdinand, this one:

No caption necessary, I think.

No caption necessary, I think.

Not this one:

I do kind of like that mustache, though.

I do kind of like that mustache, though.

recorded a cover of Britney Spears’ song “Womanizer” and I think it’s funny.  Not because they’re making fun of it but because of how now it sounds like one of their songs now.  The fact that I adore the band may have something to do with this, but maybe not.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “TTDNST: Franz Ferdinand the Womanizer

  1. -Blanche, I’m so glad you liked it! When I discovered it, it totally brightened my day!

  2. -DC, FABULOUS! Good find. I think it’s intriguing that the same music can sound so much different coming from different people. This is probably why most movies have the same plot but can look unique.

  3. Also, you don’t have to download the file, just hit play on the little bar above the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button…

  4. -DC, Just listened to the song, very funny. I liked the harmonized “Still believe” parts, kinda chintzy. Good find!

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