TTDNST: A Horrible Vintage

I’m going to skip the hoopla introduction I normally preface my Things That Do Not Suck Thursday posts with, because I already wrote a post today and have, in fact, written four other posts today.  I’m a content machine, but I appear to be running out of toner.  If that analogy holds up at all.

This week’s Thing dissolved me into unstoppable giggles, probably because the image is strange and vaguely unsettling and those appear to be the images I find most amusing.  It’s couched in a list of 15 creepy vintage ads, which you can find here.  All the ads are horrifying, there’s one Lysol ad in particular that made me shudder.

I just wonder, where was Don Draper when these ads were pitched?  Since when does a deranged baby make a good advertisement for root beer?  In what universe does sticking a woman’s head on a rug not make you Patrick Bateman?  To find out what in Sam Hill I’m talking about, you will, of course, want to check out the above linked blog post.

The image I selected for all of you is an advertisement for Pears’ Soap.  I can’t make the byline any funnier than Retro Comedy did, so I’ll just quote what they said,

“Pears’ Soap – now with such a soothing lather, you won’t notice that your baby has gotten into a horrible accident!”

Nothing like 3rd degree burns to make bathtime fun for the whole family!
Nothing like 3rd degree burns to make bathtime fun for the whole family!

Happy Friday, everyone!

2 thoughts on “TTDNST: A Horrible Vintage

  1. That one woman is a real cougar (cougar, tiger, eh, what’s the difference?).

    And yes, very creepy. (Though I think the bread one is the least creepy of them all.)

  2. -Blanche, Ha! Is that not horrifying, though? Good to have a woman around the house indeed, to subjugate and demean!

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