TTDNST: Independence Day

Wow.  Just…wow.  This week really got away from me.  I feel kinda bad that I neglected to blog yesterday, but there was a mountain of laundry to fold and an exceedingly handsome husband to spend time with and somehow sitting down at the computer never even occured to me.

Contrary to popular belief, I do actually leave my computer on occasion.  Sometimes I go for walks.  Or read books.  Or cower in the kitchen because dear goodness I look at the computer all day and really don’t want to look at it anymore AHHH!

Today is one of the cowering days.  It’s the Thursday before a three-day weekend that’s supposedly going to be filled with epic sunshine, and all I want to do is laze around eating a delicious chicken caesar salad and stuffing my face with fresh, hot, pillowy popovers.

In case you’re wondering, yes.  That is what we’re having for dinner tonight.

But!  I can’t neglect my Things That Do Not Suck Thursday duties!  I am, however, going to be a lazy bum about it.  This week’s Thing That Does Not Suck is…The 4th of July!  Yes!  Hotdogs and cheeseburgers and chips and dip and sweet, heavenly overindulgence.

The runner-up contender for this week’s title is, of course, the three-day weekend.  It’s nothing but wins as far as I’m concerned, so stay alert, don’t lose any appendages to freak fireworks accidents, and have the time of your life.  I’ll catch you on the flip side of this glorious celebration of independence, pyrotechnics, and BBQ food.

2 thoughts on “TTDNST: Independence Day

  1. -Blanche, It certainly was, thanks so much! I hope yours was festive and full of food as well!

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