TTDNST: Kangeroo Cruelty

I was talking to Wes during a break today and I mentioned that I didn’t have any ideas for today’s Thing That Does Not Suck.  He came to the rescue and said he had just the thing, that he would email it to me and that the only catch was that I had to tell him what my reaction was.

My reaction was pure, unadulterated mirth.  I must have watched this at least four times in a row today, every time laughing more than the next.  It probably sucks for this guy, so perhaps he doesn’t think it doesn’t suck, but I certainly do.

This week’s Thing, courtesy of Wes:

I mean, what isn’t funny about a guy getting kicked in the back by a kangeroo?  I have to stop writing now because I keep watching the video and giggling like a fiend.  I know it’s kind of mean, but that doesn’t stop it from being hilarious.

6 thoughts on “TTDNST: Kangeroo Cruelty

  1. You and Wes are so. not. right. But in a totally fabulous way, of course.

    (What the heck is that coming on screen from the right at the end of the clip? It looks like a ginormous chicken…)

  2. -Blanche, I’m beginning to suspect that I’m letting my eccentricities show a bit too much on this blog, but I suppose that can’t be helped. I think the thing that comes onscreen at the end is an ostrich. Or a dinosaur-chicken hybrid. Or both, because maybe that’s what ostriches really are.

  3. The dinosaur-chicken hybrid looking thing is an Emu! Its the largest bird native to Australia.

  4. -Dad, Riddle me this: Why did Australia get all the cool animals? What do we have here in America? Buffalo (huge cows) and mustangs (mutt horses). What do they have in Australia? Kangaroos (bouncy creatures with a mischievous side) and emus (GIANT FREAKING BIRDS).

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