TTDNST: Punk Rock Daffodils

For you, a Thursday haiku:

One more weekday gone
Another excuse to drink
Bring on weekend glee

And who says I’m not deep and stuff? It’s getting downright cultured in here! Lucky for all of us, the haiku was only a tasty little bonus on this, the day of this week’s Thursday. I realize I’m not making a terrible amount of sense, and that I’ve resorted to inserting Godfather quotes at will, but bear with me because this week’s Thing That Does Not Suck is actually quite nice.

For a delightful change of pace, I’ve decided to have this week’s Thing be a photo I took myself, rather than one I culled at random from the Internets. Seeing as how we’re still stuck in February, and the vast majority of my yard is dormant, there’s not a whole lot of stuff to photograph.

I could snap a picture of my naked trees but that’s a bit boring and I lack the artistic chops to make them look good. I could also bother my husband or dog for a photo but they’re tired of pandering to my desire for blog fodder. What I can take a photo of, however, is the stuff that’s just now starting to wake up and say hello to the world.

Like my daffodils. My daffodils have decided that the freezing cold temperatures be darned, it’s going to be spring whether the weather cooperates or not. So, I present to you with pride this week’s Thing That Does Not Suck: My defiant we-don’t-care-what-the-weather’s-like daffodils:Do you see them there, just poking their cheerful green selves out of the cold, hard ground? I cannot even begin to describe what joy they bring me every time I see that they’ve grown just a little taller.

The daffodils are always the first thing in our yard to wake up after winter and for me they signal a return to warmth, the re-emergence of the sun, and the quickening of life in and around our yard. Watching them defiantly start their climb to the sky just makes me want to throw my fist into the air and scream defiance at the cold wind, gray skies, and drab colors all around me.

I would just like to take this moment to say that this is about as artsy as I get with my photos. I had to get down on the ground, set the camera to the “macro” setting (whatever that means), and then hold the camera as still as possible while pushing the button.

Mad skills. I gots them.

4 thoughts on “TTDNST: Punk Rock Daffodils

  1. -Dane, That pretty much just sums up my sentiment all winter :) A beautiful haiku sir. I hope it will be a comfort to you to know that, should your chosen profession not work out you show real promise as a poet.

  2. I associate with the joy. 2 of my potted pets survived this winter yay yay! I cant wait to see the summer and green around.

  3. -Perception, No kidding, seeing all the lovely green life is such an encouragement after all the gray!

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