TTDNST: Random and Strange

I’ve gotten into the disturbing habit of going outside and weeding every day when I get home from work.  The sun is too delicious to waste, and after a day of looking at the computer I have next to no desire to sit in front of it while the sun is out.  My concern has to do with my gardening gloves, and what my tan lines will look like after an entire summer spent outside weeding.  I’ll be Erika “Albino Hands” Mitchell all winter…

Another thing I’ll be?  Is a freak, because apparently I’m the only one in the world who hates buying toilet paper.  I wrote a guest post about it for Alice and the post only got one comment.  My last post for them got 15 comments total (about half of which were from me responding to people) so I’m going to take this one personally.  Whatever, I’m just trying to keep it real around here.  I’m really a freak, so does it not logically follow that my posts would be slightly off from center?  If the world’s not ready for my thoughts on buying toilet paper, I’ll just have to peddle them elsewhere.

In the same vein as my strange blog post for Alice is this week’s Thing That Does Not Suck.  I found it through happy happenstance today and it’s had me giggling all afternoon.  It’s another comic, but this one is cool in exactly the opposite way as the last comic I featured on here.  This comic is strange, and odd, and may not be funny the first time you look at it.  Take a peek:

See?  You’re probably not laughing.  But look closer.  Look at the guy’s face in particular.  Something about the strangeness of the humor has kept me in stitches all afternoon.  I found it on this site called Married to the Sea, and the blog’s full to the brim with random comics.  I’ve scrolled through the first page and I think they’re hilarious.  If this gives you a whole new thing to waste time looking at while you’re working I couldn’t be happier.  If this isn’t really your cup of tea, maybe next week will be more to your taste.

I’m off to go lick my wounds and scheme up more topics I can blog about that no one else will agree with…

2 thoughts on “TTDNST: Random and Strange

  1. I, for one, don’t speculate on seeing one large package of TP in or under another shopper’s cart. Multiple large packages, however, are very suspect.

    As for the comic, warped. Very warped. (And my inner Wicked Witch of the West is screaming “I’m melting, I’m melting.”)

  2. -Blanche, Hmm, you do speculate based on the quantity of toilet paper in someone’s cart, which means that people DO wonder about people’s t.p. It just depends on how many rolls each individual person considers to be too many. See? Scrutiny and judgment. It’s just not worth it.

    I showed Wes the comic yesterday and he thought my reaction to it was funnier than the comic itself, so I suspect I’m alone on this one. I’m still laughing about it though, so at least one person’s having a good time!

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