TTDNST: My Birthday Gift Was Terminated



When I was young I used to have this recurring nightmare in which I went bowling with friends and the party was broken up when a terminator robot busted into the bowling alley and slaughtered everyone.  I escaped the building and hid under a car until the terminator removed his head and rolled it under the car, whereupon it exploded and I woke up.

Knowing this, you’d think that I hated the terminator movies but you’d be wrong.  I have no idea how old I was when I first saw a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger stroll into a bar to the tune of “Bad to the Bone,” but I have loved the movies ever since.  It’s been approximately one million years since I watched one, but I still hold a very dear place in my heart for those movies.

As a result, this week’s Thing That Does Not Suckis a no-brainer: The new Terminator movie.  I’d always been curious about what the post-apocalyptic world of the future the first movies hinted at looked like, and now I get to find out.  I have no idea whether or not the movie is any good, but I have to be honest: I’ll probably love it even if it’s terrible.  What can I say?  We all know I’m a sucker for action movies of dubious quality.

Also, it certainly doesn’t help that the movie stars Christian Bale.  I have a lot of respect for him as an actor after watching what he did to himself to star in the movie The Machinist (dude, I’ve never seen a living person get that skinny).  I think he’s terrific in the Batman movies, I adored his performance in 3:10 to Yuma, and I think he was creepy as could be in American Psycho.  He’s a fine actor, and I have faith he’ll make the new Terminator movie look good.

The extra-special treat?  The movie muckety-mucks in Hollywood must have known how much I love the Terminator movies because they decided to release the movie right before my birthday.  How sweet, right?  I can’t think of a better, more thoughtful gift from them!

8 thoughts on “TTDNST: My Birthday Gift Was Terminated

  1. DH asked if I would rather go see the new Star Trek or Terminator movie this weekend (if we went to see a movie). My response: I’d rather see Night at the Museum.

    Not a fan of the Terminator movies here – but yay for an early gift for you!

  2. -Blanche, Are you KIDDING me?! If faced with that question, which for me would be like asking if I would prefer a box of chocolates or an ice cold martini, the only answer would be yes. Yes to both. I’d like to spend five hours in a theatre, or watch them both at once, one movie for each eye.

  3. hahaha… I’m a huge fan of the Terminator series! After number three, I was very disappointed and am now a little skeptical about this last one. I haven’t seen it yet, but will cautiously make my way to the movie theater.

    Just stumbled and submitted your site to Viralogy. Hope you get some great traffic from it.

    – Jun

  4. -Jun, I vaguely remember number 3, but only vaguely because I saw the movie with my then-boyfriend (who’s now mu husband) and was too busy being thrilled to be on a date with him to pay any attention to the movie. Do let me know what you think about the movie, I hope it’s good. How can it not be good? It has to be good, y’know?

    Thank you also for stumbling and submitting my site, what a nice treat!

  5. I would probably enjoy Star Trek if forced to do so to maintain family harmony.

    (The cheap part of me hates that buying two tickets is equal to four pay-per-view/on-demand movies at home, with comfortable seats, a blanket in case I get cold, the ability to stop the movie for breaks, easily available snacks and drinks, etc. The phobic part of me wonders who was sitting in the seat before me and what they may have left behind for me to catch. ::shudder::)

  6. -Blanche, Yeah, supposedly Star Trek has some hot guys in it at least so that’s cool. I can honestly say that I’ve never wondered who sat on the seat before me (but I will now, thanks SO MUCH!) but I still have to say that watching movies at a theatre is better. I get to have yummy sour gummy snacks when we see movies out, I never get yummy snacks at home…

  7. We did see Star Trek on Sunday (but only because Museum was sold out at the time we wanted to go). Definitely enjoyed it way more than I would have Terminator. The guys are hot, and funny. There was plenty of action too, and some romance.

    (no snacks at the theater – lines too long, and the candy is too expensive…see cheap above)

  8. -Blanche, Yay! I’m so glad you liked Star Trek, it looks like one of those quintessential summer action flicks that are pretty to look at and fun to watch. Sad for you to not get any snacks though! Next time you should try smuggling some in using your purse. It works very well :)

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