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Can you believe how sad and lonely my blog has been this week?  It’s almost like I took four different flights in less than a week or something!  Obviously blogging on Tuesday was out, what with the running through the San Francisco airport with my huge duffel bag and all, and then Wednesday came and went in a haze of work emails and laundry, and now here’s Thursday kicking me square in the jaw.

What?  What’s that you say?  I feature something every Thursday or something and that’s why I’m crawling out of the woodwork to write a much-belated blog post?  Nonsense I say!  I’m merely motivated, and disciplined, and not at all crippled by a hugely crazy work project and whine-inducing headache.

No, I don’t believe me either.

I played hookey last night, hoping that by taking a night off and going to bed early I could get back into the groove.  It didn’t work, because I had a dickens of a time getting myself to the keyboard today.  It doesn’t help that we just started watching a really cool show called Dexter.  I love it, which makes pulling myself away from the TV to blog a bit more difficult than anything ever really needs to be.

As much as I love our new show (even a paltry four episodes in), however, I have bigger fish to mount on my wall and brag about.  This week’s Thing That Does Not Suck is a bit dichotomous in nature, because it both sucks and does not suck.  It does not suck because it’s glorious, and delicious, and the best idea ever.  It sucks because it isn’t yet available all over the place.

It is with the pride of a conquering hero that I present to you this gift, borne over from the dry, arid land of California.  This long-awaited culinary delight that will delight your belly and take it easy on your poor beleaguered wallet.  It is…

Yogurtland, brought to you by the tenacious reporting skills of myself and my little brother.

Yogurtland, brought to you by the tenacious reporting skills of myself and my little brother.

This mecca of frozen yogurt (aka Yogurtland) is a truly revolutionary idea.  It’s a store that empowers you to completely customize your frozen yogurt.  Imagine, please, a wall of 30 or so knobs, each of which dispenses a different flavor of frozen yogurt.  After you dispense your yogurt to your heart’s content, you turn to a self-serve bar of toppings.  The toppings range from fresh fruit to sprinkles to cookies and everything in between.  You heap the perfect combination of toppings (knowing in your heart you could use all 50 toppings and no one would care) and then stagger over to the register, where they charge you by weight for your delicious confection.

This?  Is what we’ve all been waiting for.  Creamy, delicious, sort of healthy (if you go for the fruit toppings), and an undeniable treat.  If you ever have a chance to patronize one of their locations I highly recommend you do so.  Don’t worry, I scoped them out and can vouch for the deliciousness.  I took it upon myself to visit their store twice while I was in California.

9 thoughts on “TTDNST: Yogurtland

  1. Your blog has been sad and lonely and I don’t doubt there was a thick layer of dust on it you had to clear off.

    I don’t doubt that the frozen yogurt is yummy and delicious but the thought of having my creation weighed is just a little too close to “this is how much weight you are going to gain…” for my comfort.

    Also, I had to take a double take when looking at your brother’s cup as my first thought was “why is there a piece of gray plastic toy in his cup?” Then I realized it was the yogurt. Blame it on a lack of caffeine this morning.

  2. SELF SERVE toppings? Oh my god, I pray for my wallet and my gut (that I’ll be lamenting about in, oh, 6 months or so) never find this sinister place!

  3. -Blanche, The genius is that they don’t tell you how much your dessert weighs, they just calculate the cost by weight. As long as you don’t ask how much it is per pound you never have to know and can safely assume your dessert weighs two ounces. I don’t doubt you’d love it :)

    -Belly Girl, I KNOW! You can heap anything on there as much as you want. Genius!

  4. -Blanche, I knew you’d see reason. It just goes to show, if you have no idea how many calories something has, it automatically doesn’t have any at all!

  5. Sign me up! As soon as they make their way over to the right hand side of the country, I’m game. Yum!

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